My mom and I spent many hours together piecing together our family genealogy in the years before she died.  She did most of the heavy lifting, and I did boring stuff like looking for people in newspapers, or helping her do grave etchings.  I've currently gotten into this once more thanks to

One of the big names (i.e., bells ring when you hear that name) in my family history is Foster -- and thanks to and the research that they are able to connect me to, I've been able to trace my family back quite far on that line.

There's also this guy online who has lots of awesome links and info about the Fosters/Forster/Forresters and the family history.... but what stood out most to me was the family crest and motto:

If that isn't one hell of a motto to describe what I've been through over the past few years, I don't know what is.   I think it even beats out my love of Stitch's quote.  

Do you have a motto you like to live by that has been inspired by your family?

(second runner up would be my mom's "if it requires ironing, don't buy it" -- but it's not as epic as Si Fractus, Fortis)


Oh I love this blog! Researching my family history is something I'd love to do, but have no idea where to start. My last name is Bentley, so I just pretend I own the car business ;)


Missy -- you never know -- I have a Ferrari in my family :)


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