Dietitian's Day! Who's yours?

Click here to read about the first time I met my dietitian, Rebecca Scritchfield

Like I said in my guest post for DubyaWife, there are people that come into your life that remind you what's really important on this whole weight-loss/health-gain journey -- and Rebecca was one of them.  So on this Registered Dietitian's Day, I just want to thank her for her professional wisdom and personal friendship. 

She taught me that relationships with humans are better than relationships with kitchen appliances.
She taught me that I can eat what I want -- it's all about balance and savoring what I eat.
She helped me see that it's okay to make mistakes, but that the sooner I right myself, the less damage done.

In other news, I had some fun cooking tonight -- ceviche, pineapple/mango salsa, black beans and cilantro-lime rice.   How do you food bloggers do it?  I couldn't wait to dive in and eat my dinner!


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