Not Using the Tools I've Been Given

Hominids (the great apes -- chimps, orangutans, gorillas and humans) are pretty fancy.  We have an extraordinary ability to combine our brain power and our manual dexterity and solve problems using tools. Because of this, our species, Homo sapiens, has thrived.  We are able to manipulate our environment to suit our needs and our wants. 

But sometimes we're just so fancy pants that we focus only on our mind.  Since we're so smart, we should be able to think our way out of tough situations or will our way through challenges.  Smartie pants that we are, we forget that we have tools at our disposal that help further us toward our goals.

And by "we" I really mean me.

Case in point:  I know that diet is 3/5 of my own personal weight loss success (1/5 being exercise, and 1/5 being the mental/emotional work).  I have my tools -- my EatSmart scales at home and at work; my measuring cups and spoons; and my BodyMedia Fit food log on both my phone and my computer, etc. But have I been using them? No.

Instead of putting my big girl undies on, I've been frustrated and moping about not losing weight (despite knowing that I'm losing inches and gaining awesomeness).  I'm falling into the same trap that I try to warn other people about.  Why? Because I want so desperately to be an intuitive eater, not having to count calories.  But the bottom line is that I haven't been food logging or meal planning long enough to go autopilot.  That's a hard truth that I need to admit to myself. 

The solution is that I need to start food logging again. I need to use the tools that are at my disposal.  It is not a sign of weakness or failure, just proof that there's still more to learn.  Now I just have to do it (or convince someone to be my own personal chef/food logger).....


I dislike logging everything I eat. It's time consuming and frustrating. And then when I do overeat, I feel guilty. Sometimes I just want to binge - though I am getting better at not doing that.

But you are right. Diet is a HUGE part. The biggest part of weight loss and healthy living.

Recognizing what needs to be done is half the battle. So you 3/10 of the way to eating better and being 3/5 of the way to losing weight. I think. I'm not so good at math.


My big problem is that I'm not eating enough. I am burning 3200-3500 calories a day. I'm lucky if I clear eating 1800-2000. And that's just not enough. It's unsustainable and my body is resisting it.

I'm not good at math either. I think we need to find a common denominator, which may or may not be chocolate.


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