Do Pass Go; Do Collect $200

Life is funny.
Sometimes life is funny because it catches you off guard.

If you've been reading my blog, you know I had a pretty serious back injury in March of 2007.  It took a little while to figure out what was wrong and the right plan of action for myself.  I had a viscerally negative reaction to the doctor that wanted to cut me up.  I went with a more measured treatment plan -- pain meds, muscle relaxers, physical therapy and an oral steroid.  When the oral steroid didn't work, we discussed epidural steroids (methylprednisolone). 

My doctor didn't do the epidurals himself, but sent me to the hospital he was affiliated with for the treatment.   And since it was a hospital, I had a $100 copay each time.  **eyeroll**

My body HATED the steroids.  I had all sorts of fun, but expected, side effects.  I only did two of the three epidurals that they prescribed.  (Have I mentioned that I HATE needles???....)   They would inject something to numb my back around the injection site, and then I'd have to sit bent forward, unmoving for the next five minutes as they injected the steroids directly into one of the discs that was affected.

I don't know whether they worked or whether the rehab did the lion's share.  I just knew that the side effects made it so I didn't want the third shot.  I was bruising whenever I'd bump into anything, started experiencing wrist pain, but the worst was the depression and mood swings.  Oh, and I couldn't drink.

But I started this post by saying that life is funny.
Over four years after getting the epidural steroids I get a $200 check from the hospital in the mail with "patient overpayment" as the only explanation for it.

I'm sure there's a "writing checks your body can't cash" joke in there somewhere...

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