Know Your Shape!

I love for one HUGE reason:  they have awesome tutorials on how to measure your body (it's a bit more geared towards women than men, sorry guys!).

I encourage everyone to learn their measurements.  Sometimes it will show progress when a scale isn't!

I uploaded their instructions if you don't want to sign up for a account and there is a box beside each measurement to write your numbers.  Don't forget to put a date on the cover and then file it away for the day when your scale isn't moving but you swear up and down that you stuck to your plan.

By the way... my shape was an M the last time I checked. I really want to be an S one day (with more definition at the waist) but I like definition! I'm going through my closet with an editorial eye trying to figure out what works best on my body (okay, I've been watching a lot of How to Look Good Naked).

So... Ladies, how would you dress me?

Gents, feel free to send flowers, lingerie, NY Giants jerseys or make a donation to my favorite charity

To see my half naked photo evolution, click here.  I'm still the same shape, but weigh less and have more sass.


Myshape looks like an interesting website. Looking forward to entering my measurements when I get a minute.


I don't know if I agree with all their fashion advice, but I really do like their tutorial on measurement.

Oh my pudgy little tummy... why did I post those pictures?


You look great! I definitely notice a difference from prior pics you've posted. I'm not a fashion plate at all so I can't help you on that front. Just wanted to give you a "woohoo!"


Kareen--I'll always take a woo hoo :P


You look really great. My mom and I were searching for inspiring, motivational blogs since we just started to really take better care of ourselves, and yours fit the bill. We enjoyed reading your posts and will definitely return. Thanks for the motivation!


2Broads --
Thanks you for the love!
I hope my blog continues to motivate you toward your goals!


This site won't open for me. Is anyone else having problems ?


They must be updating the site -- over the summer they did a huge overhaul of it. You should still be able to click on the link where I uploaded their measuring instructions.


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