The 2011 Lady Balls Award

I wish this had taken off a little bit more. Why?  Well, while it might be a bunch of silliness, it's still us recognizing the strengths we see in each other.  While men were allowed to nominate women, I had hoped to see women supporting and nominating each other -- and I don't want to show any favoritism by nominating people myself (though I think there are many people not included on this list who have ovaries that clink when they walk).

That being said, I still want to thank everyone for participating and having a little fun with me.
I encourage you to vote for the nominees, but if you feel like you need to write in a name, go for it!

The Brass Ovaries Award is in recognition of a woman who has a certain amount of chutzpah, swagger, or bravery.  When she walks, you hear her ovaries ring out with a certain "I am woman, hear me roar."

The winner of the Brass Ovaries Award says what is on her mind, stands behind what she says, and is unafraid of defending her positions. 

There were two nominations in this category:

Emily/@emtucky nominated Cyndi/@RunRollRepeatC saying that "She always says what's on her mind, speaks the truth and is her true authentic self and doesn't let ANYONE deter her from doing so."

@DubyaWife nominated Tara/@Tidbits_of_Tara saying "Tara displays a unwavering strength that I can admire.  She is strong but also strong enough to know that no woman is immune to emotional upheaval. Her tenacity to carry on in life while discovering her inner-self is truly inspirational."

The Iron Ovaries Award is in recognition of a woman who makes a man's testes want to hide because she is the epitome of strength, endurance, grit, and fearlessness.

The winner of the Iron Ovaries Award inspires others by taking on challenges with a courageous heart.  Her strength of character carries her through the day.  She might not always finish strong, but she always finishes. 

There was only one nomination in this category -- Emily/@FitandFreeEmily showed some love for Anda/@LeavingFatville saying "She's one of the strongest women I know. Always tells it straight, no chaser ;) She isn't afraid of saying what she wants and GOING for it."

The Steel Ovaries Award is in recognition of the most exceptional woman among women.  She enriches all womanhood just by showing up.  She exhibits aspects of both Brass and Iron Ovaries. 

The winner of the Steel Ovaries Award is a leader among women.  She is proud to be a woman, and proud to be stronger than most men she knows.  She has seen adversity and risen above.  She endures. 

This category has three nominees:

Summer/@MILF_Squared nominated Valerie/@ValerieGail saying "Valerie is my mother. For my mom's birthday, I wrote up a post on my blog.  My mom is a truly exceptional woman. She is strong, fearless, smart and absolutely amazing. " 

The lovely Leslie/@BodyWontBreak showed some self-love: "I am open and honest on my blog with both my struggles and my successes. My blog follows my weight loss journey as well as the everyday adventures of my life. I feel like, with everything I have gone through and am going through, that I combine both brass and iron. I'm happy to share everything I am going through because I know it has the possibility of impacting someone else in a positive way and that is important to me."

And Sheanna/@sheannacaban tossed Rachael/@tweenyhair's name in the hat:  "She's a single mom that's running her own daycare business.  One of the best moms I know in the world (including me).  She's also one of the BEST friends I've ever known.  She volunteers in her church and donates her hair to locks of love.  She sends packages to soldiers in Afghanistan that she doesn't even know.  She's just always going out of her way for others.... Even when she recently had a breast cancer scare.  Luckily, she's fine.... Probably because of her steel ovaries."

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