October #GoTheDist: One Year Update and Check-In

Read this if you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about:  October #GTD Announcement.
This month we might be small in numbers (only 25 participants, as compared to the 69 that did it last October), but we are mighty in results

I wanted to remind you about two mid-month posts last year in regards to the original challenge:

1.  Balance (quoting): 
First and foremost: you should NEVER feel guilty for listening to your body--even if it says "we need to sit this out for a week." If you are sick/injured, figure out how to get yourself better and then we'll worry about the miles, okay? #OctGTD, no matter how awesome it is, is not worth risking your health and well-being.

But has it ever crossed your mind that it's okay to come up short in the challenge? It's okay to not reach your mileage goal. It's okay to get to the end of the month and come up shy. This is the lesson we all have to learn: it is okay to set goals and make plans and not be able to complete them 100%.
2. Know Yourself (paraphrasing):
Know Your Body -- work with your body, not against it
Know Your Math -- know what the exercise "costs" your body
Know Your Fuel -- know how to payback that "cost"
Know Your Life -- make a plan before you take on a challenge and be flexible with it.
I also wanted to share with you the updates regarding the original October #GoTheDist crew.  The question was: "How are you and looking back, what did #OctGTD (now #GotheDist) do for you? Are you the same person you were a year ago?"

Dee Matt (@abtw85):

"I totally got off track for a few months along the way since then, but I do notice that I have been alot more self motivated to push myself further then I did prior to octgtd. I can't believe its been a year. I'm also at least 30+ lbs lighter :). I've learned to also limit myself on making excuses."

Vinny (@VinnySlavin):

"I am a lighter person than I was a year ago, that's for sure! Hopefully smarter and more informed as well."

Brigitte (@brigittemittler):

"Last October, I used the GTD to run a 10k.  I am doing that same 10k tomorrow as preparation for running my very first Half-Marathon later this month.  I have learned that pushing past your comfort zone can lead you to accomplish incredible things."

Robby (@fatgirlvsworld):

"I'm definitely not the same person.  Many challenges and hundreds of miles later, I'm no longer the same person.  I'm much stronger, and much more confident in my ability to achieve my goals.  Even if I don't reach the targets, I know that each month is a journey.  I have discovered my grit, found my fight, and am convinced that i made the change of a lifetime."

If you participated in the original challenge and want to add your thougts click on this link, find your name, and ruminate!

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