A Favor: Search for Vegan Recipes

One of my dear coworkers has a son about my age with Stage 4 Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma (currently a non-cureable non- Hodgkins lymphoma). 

Big scary name, right?

He's been advised to take up a non-meat/non-dairy vegan diet. I've been scouring the internet for vegan recipes for cancer patients, but the long of the short of it is that I'm not a vegan and I have no idea if these recipes are any good.  But some of YOU might have a great recipe that might make my friend's son feel just a little better.

Send me an email with a recipe, or leave it in the comments and I'll forward them along to my coworker/his mom.  

Thank you all in advance.

While I'm at it, I'll ask anyone for photos of landscapes.  Why?  My grandfather is a painter with decreased lung function and COPD.  He's tied to his oxygen machines.  This means he can't really travel.
Send me an email with on of YOUR photos (i.e. not copyrighted material) and where it's from, and I'll forward them to my grandpa.   Let's send my grandpa around the world in photos!


I dont have any recipe's but Probar's are supper yummy and vegan nom nom nom


I look for everything on twitter these days!


I'd have their family check out the Peas and Thank You blog/cookbook.


I second the Peas and Thank You cookbook. It's amazing. I've made several meals from it and they're delicious. The Peas and Thank You blog also has tons of amazing vegan recipes. :)


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