I Hung My Head

Okay, so I didn't kill a stranger, but just like the song, I knew I done something wrong.  On Sunday afternoon, I started to get a migraine that stayed with me for the next two days.  I didn't eat much (this didn't help) and tried to stay hydrated (with herbal iced tea).  Last night (Monday), I was finally hungry at 9:30 pm. What was I hungry for?
1506 calories total.  Each and every calorie a bad decision.

Was it emotional eating?  No.  It was apathetic eating.  It was there. It was easy. It was something I didn't have to cook.  And it was the first time in 24-hours that I had felt hungry for something specific (the fries).  I rationalized it as "well I haven't eaten anything (other than a few 20-calorie Wasa crackers) all day."

But, I realized that the same reasons for my eating this pile of crap was the same reason why people intentionally eat this stuff more than I do (this is the first time I've had fast food in 2011):  it's cheap, it's there, it's easy, it's fast.

It's also really wrong.  I know better.
I could have just as easily gone across the street (to Safeway) and got myself a premade sandwich.

And so while the title is "I hung my head" -- I'm really not.  I'm going to move forward, acknowledge my misstep, and get back on track.

....but man, those fries were tasty.


Good call! I know the feeling, though. Especially when we aren't feeling well. It's like our minds try to justify our bad choices.

But, good on ya for #1. Not having fast food in 2011 (until yesterday).
And #2. Owning it, and getting back on track.

I just realized that I totally forgot about the #GoTheDist Challenge! Boo on me!


and the thing that also sucks is Im betting this did not make you feel better....I know when I have a migraine all I want is junk like this but it always makes me feel worse if I give in :(

Hope you are feeling better (hugs)


Joshua -- Thank you for your comment. I'm trying to see the silver lining in this. (#3 being that I didn't eat what I used to eat when I went to McD's -- 2 quarter pounders with cheese, large fries, shake)

As for October #GoTheDist -- it's never too late :P (Well, November 1st is too late...)


Misty -- it didn't make me feel worse. Oddly enough I think some of the salt made me feel better (I don't have much salt in my diet otherwise).

I'm wondering if the migraine wasn't because I had overdone it with exercise on saturday/sunday and didn't eat enough to compensate.


I'm a pretty big fan of listening to your body and letting it tell you what you need. It sounds like you needed salt, and while perhaps McDonald's wasn't the best way to go about it, like you said, it could have been worse.

You can look at this day as a drop in the ocean and its ripple effect, or as a tiny dot on a pointillism painting.

There's always tomorrow, right?


Not only is there tomorrow, but there is today.
Sometimes each moment is a chance to make things better and to move on.

No point in stressing over food that has already been digested (or whatever your body does to get rid of fast food)...


Migraines suck!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry you had to have one. I'm even sorrier that it sent you out of your usual routine. After I have one, I'm definitely not myself and there are studies that show that it really does screw with your brain. :(


I've been doing stupid shit like that for most of 2011. I've finally gotten myself out of the hole I dug, and I am ready to start again.


I am glad that this is something that you do not want to happen but you also understand that it will not break you. You seem to be doing really well so a misstep here or there is not really a big deal. Do what I do: punish yourself the next day at the gym. My punishment is always walking lunges. I HATE walking lunges!


Travis -- I disagree with you wholeheartedly.
The gym should *NEVER* be seen as punishment and food should *NEVER* been seen as a reward. It's one of my cardinal rules.


Jess -- sorry I didn't respond to your comment earlier. I'm glad that you've figured out what's been going on and the direction you want to go in. I think that's the hardest part (even above sticking with something). The epiphany will change your life though -- because it will make this a joyful process.


I rarely have fast food but unfortunately those darn fries are the reason. I say "You Lizard!" when I mess up like that and hope to not to it again. You are right, it is easy and there so it happens.


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