Kettlebell Info Session

Presented by @KCLAnderson, @workoutmommy @girlhero best to do barefoot or in minimal shoe kettlebells will win versus face/head/brain -- s...

Presented by @KCLAnderson, @workoutmommy @girlhero

  • best to do barefoot or in minimal shoe
  • kettlebells will win versus face/head/brain -- so if you feel like you're going to drop the bell while it's over head, move out of its way.
  • there's a difference between exercise and competition bells
  • a jug of milk is 8lbs -- women should start at a 15 or 18lb kettlebell; men should start around 25lb-- it's easier to use a heavier bell
  • Find a grip/handle that you like -- you want a solid/cast piece (not a handle that's welded on).  You want to invest in a good bell (i.e. please don't get the target ones)
  • Kettlebell vs dumbell -- working multiple muscle groups in one motion; use your whole body; the weight in a kettlebell is off-center, forces you to stabilize core (dumbells are balanced equally)
  • Anyone can do kettlebells, low impact -- but listen to your body!! ((if you have back problems/shoulder issues, be very mindful!!)
  • Anyone can do kettlebells! (old, young, pregnant)
  • Find a trainer who has been certified (lots of bad info out there...ahem, Jillian Michaels

  • @KCLAnderson doing the basic swing: 
  • Around the body
  • Halo

  • A "complex" -- a series of moves put together

  • video

  • A double complex

  • video

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    1. I'm so excited to see this--I hope to see more kettlebell converts in my twitter feed! Kettlebells have changed my body and the way I exercise forever. In a few months of using KBs at home in the evening, I've gotten better results than I ever got from hours spent at the gym lifting weights. They feel right, and my body responds to them: I've never been stronger or more fit. I started with a 20lb KB and within a month or so needed to add a 35lb one for swings, squats, deadlifts, etc.

      I highly recommend the Dragon Door Kettlebell Goddess DVD. I couldn't find a certified trainer closer than 1.5hrs from me but the DVD taught me proper form and gave me a great foundation plus myriad exercises and routines.

    2. I love working out with kettlebells. It's been awhile and as soon as my bum shoulder is better I will have to request using them again!

    3. I love kettlebells! I know I'm getting a great overall body workout when I workout with them! Thanks for posting this!

    4. thanks for the great post!!! (and for saying 'hi' to my baby!) :)

    5. Heli -- what a glowing recommendation! I don't know if it's for me b/c of my back issues, but I thought the ladies were WONDERFUL!!

      Brig -- definitely take care of your shoulder first! But I'm glad to hear you're mentally ready to get back into things.

      Kristy -- you're so very welcome! I'm glad you liked the post.

      WMommy -- your baby is such a great workout partner.

    6. I'm so glad you posted this! My gym has tons of KB classes but I was always too intimidated to try. But this looks much more approachable than I thought, so I'll definitely give it a shot!

    7. SG: Like heli said -- the DragonDoor DVDs were unanimously lauded as being a very good source of information. There's a lot of bad practice and bad info out there.

    8. YAY!!! Awesome videos! @GirlHero is hella strong isn't she??

    9. I liked this post. I have been curious about Kettlebells for awhile.


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