Oh. Holy. Crap.

My life is about to get very busy...

Monday: Boxing Technique -- 6pm at LA Boxing Georgetown

Tuesday: Softball -- 6pm at WPP

Wednesday:  Softball -- 6pm at WPP  (or Boxing Technique in case of game cancellation)

Thursday: weights & running at gym

Friday: rest day or 6/7 pm boxing at LA Boxing Georgetown

Saturday:  12 or 3 pm boxing at LA Boxing Georgetown

Sunday:  weights & running at gym

You'll notice I have a rest day built in to the schedule, depending on what else is going on, but the truth is that I'll be listening to my body.  If I need a rest day, I'm taking one.

It also means that I won't be drinking after softball games.  I have goals that are bigger than crappy beer.


Sounds great and I love love love the pic!!


Thanks Andrea! Not much has changed since then -- I still wear my hair in pigtails.


fantastic pic, and I'm jealous of that schedule a bit.


Well... make your own schedule.
Bold, unbold.


Great schedule! I've been busy trying to work one out for me too. Gonna involve gym and zumba..lots of zumba.

And you're right..the beer isn't worth it!


I remember when my goals were squarely centered on the beer. I like beer, but I love me, so today I choose me. Although I still look at beer, kind of like porn; just a peek now and then.


@Patrick -- Quality over quantity.


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