Accentuate the Positive?

+5lb gain over the past week
At least I had lots of fun at the wedding.

Reasons for the gain:
1. not a lot of activity (I was in a car a lot)
2. only got to the gym once at the hotel
3. didn't eat enough fruit & veg
4. didn't drink enough water
5. drank too much alcohol
6. didn't sleep enough
(7. PMS weight retention?)

But now that I know the reasons, and these are things I can fix (and/or aren't part of my regular life), I think the 5lbs knows they won't be hanging around too long.


Pffft!! Five pounds is nothing, and the joy of celebrating this wedding was well worth the price!

Now go drink some water.


Progress, not perfect, eh?

I think most of the gain was from coming back and feeling ravenous. I don't know where that came from.


I think, as long as the weight-gain has been caused by all those factors rather than just all from eating crap (and let's face it, gaining 5lbs just from eating would require a special kind of determination!) the weight will fall back off you much quicker and easier as you get yourself back to the lifestyle your body has become accustomed too.

When i went off-plan for a few evenings last weekend, the scales on monday morning rewarded me with a 7lb gain but today i am 10lbs lighter in just 5 days according to the same scales. Have i actually lost 10lbs? Not a chance, it was just my body clinging onto the water because i wasn't giving it enough and i consumed alcohol.


Phil: I think you make a really great point. I didn't eat crap. Even when I had the opportunity (like the ice cream cake) I didn't. I didn't overdrink on high-calorie drinks (I stuck with champagne, stoli & soda, wine) and i made sure to fill up on fruits & veg whenever possible (ordering double veg instead of carbs whenever possible).

I think once I'm back into the swing of things my body will do what yours did -- snap right back into place.


That's funny, when I look at those pictures I see a radiant, happy lady. Not 5 pounds :)


I hate these setbacks but each time I have one I remind myself, this is not a race, or a destination. This is my life, forever, like the insulin dependent diabetic, if I want to live a healthy life, I can't do everything that I want all the time. I can do anything, in moderation, if I balance the efforts required to keep myself in check. I totally get that, and it sounds like you do too. We're not alone and we both can do this!


It'll be gone in no time. You're doing so well, and at least you KNOW why you had that gain. What's that they say? Admitting that there is a problem is the first step to fixing it.


Those five pounds do not stand a chance of hanging around on you. You had fun, you took a break. I'm sure those pounds know this was a temporary visit and that they wont need much of a nudge to send them on their way. But still, why nudge them, slap them up & down just for the fun of it.


Thanks everyone -- I know these lbs aren't staying, but I think it's hard for anyone trying to lose weight to see a gain.

It's just a reminder that yes -- this is not a race... it is a journey.


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