We are our own teachers....

For almost every species social learning completes the knowledge instinct does not.  We learn from our parents, our family and friends, our peers, etc.

However, not all of it is good information.

I'm baffled at some of the things I hear.  I am especially curious about some of the things obese people tell each other when it comes to diet and nutrition.  I wonder if normal-weight people would look at me (on the cusp of overweight and obese) and say "What the hell gives her the right to claim any knowledge about being healthy?"

Well just because I have the knowledge doesn't mean I have the willpower.

But I will tell you this:  your fad diet will do nothing for you.  Your cleanse will do nothing for you in the long run.  If you can manage to eat a balanced diet (focusing on plants -- veggies and fruit and shifting away from fats/meats) you will not only be healthy, but if you are overweight/obese, you will lose.

Your fad diet without exercise means very little.  You want lean muscle, right?  (of course you do, muscle burns calories even when you're at rest!!) Well you need to feed it.  What does it need? A variety of nutrients -- proteins and complex carbohydrates.  Those lean muscles you build while exercising will help you maintain your weight loss.

So don't say to me that "All you need to do is eat X all day and you can have anything else you want for dinner."  Especially when that X is something like SlimFast and not nutrient dense/laden enough for people.

A SlimFast shake is roughly 200 calories, right?  My body burns 700+ calories between midnight and 7:30 am.  That 200 calories of nutrients (?) is going to be burned quickly.  So just eat the egg white omlet with spinach and mushrooms, will ya?  Get some Fiber One (half cup) with some berries in it.  It's okay. Your body will thank you for it.


LOVE THIS!!!! I'm a big believer in eating a well rounded balanced diet for every meal. I might not be losing weight as fast, but I know for sure I'm more likely to keep it off :D


Angela -- the CDC agrees with you!


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