Tis the season....

Every year, as the days get longer, I get this giddy feeling.  I know it's coming.


I've been playing softball for a long time (even down to playing T-ball on my brother's team with my hair hiding in my hat...).  I love it.  I love the competition, the camaraderie, the suspense.  The hot dogs, the pixie sticks, the soda as a child and as an adult, the beer, chicken wings, and the pizza.

With my back the way it is, I always worry about softball.  It's a strenuous sport on my back -- lots of bending, running (yes, a fat girl can haul ass around the bases), and twisting.  But in my head I've always said to myself (and sometimes to other people) that if I'm going to go down, I'm going to go down swinging.  That being said, I've had to adjust how I play the game -- from my swing, to my pitch, to my throw..... and now what I eat after the game.

I won't begrudge anyone their celebratory beers and carb-loading, but I need to make a change for myself.  Luckily the bar we go to post-game is a bar/restaurant that I've been going to since I was in college and the owners know and love me.   The menu is a minefield of fried and fatty foods, but my team has gotten in the habit of ordering veggie plates before any of the fried food comes out.   I'm also very lucky that many of my teammates understand my back issues and also know I'm trying to stay healthy.  Even during the off-season they're very supportive.

So who knows what's in store for me.  All I know is that this season will see many victories, on and off the field.

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