... is more than just the space around us, but also the people around us.  Are we surrounded by people that will help us move towards our goals (whatever they may be ) or do they distract/divert us from our goals?

I was so nice to see the conference room packed full of people who were ready to hear some truth (not hard truths, not didactic "you must do this" but soft "you're worth doing this...") and to make some changes.

Granted they didn't cancel the ice cream social, but I think more people walked away with a renewed enthusiasm for their weight loss/health gain journey than expected.

I know I found my motivation:
If Bernie can lose 130 lbs, I can surely lose 30.  Whow knows, maybe more.
And I don't have a picture of myself with Rebecca because I have a sneaking suspiscion that I'll be seeing her much more (and she'll be seeing way more of me than I can probably handle, but she'll be armed with a tape measure and some tough love).


Where's the "like" button? Who we bide time with does make a difference. Those who cheer you on and support goes a long way.


and who teach you what they know!!!


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