The Plan

A few weeks ago, I erased my huge dry erase board in my entry way (that is coincidentally next to the kitchen) and I wrote out my goals.  I see it every day, many times a day.  It is a constant reminder that I'm trying to make a change in my life for the better.

With a little prodding, I've decided to post the photo of the board:


-Be on or below 170lbs by October 31, 2010

-take better care of self, cats, apartment, job, etc.
----this includes actually planning doctor's appointments, getting to work on time, spending more time playing, etc.

-take a vacation (Volcano Sprints!)

-put my heart on the line a bit more
----I've been playing it way too safe for way too long

-visit more with friends
----I think it might explain myself a lot to say that my mother and grandmother were both agorophobics. I'm not one, but my comfort zone is definitely my apartment. I'm a very introvered person sometimes (especially when I'm sick or depressed). So I need to come out of my shell even when it feels uncomfortable.)

-volunteer more or at least more regularly

-finish what I've started (from big projects to little projects to the food that I buy)

-create a routine
----sunday = farmer's market
----monday = groceries and meal prep for week
----tuesday = laundry or cleaning
----wednesday = (will be softball pretty soon)
----thursday = laundry or cleaning (if it wasn't done already)
----friday = be social
----saturday = volunteer or explore

-get more organized

-figure out what it means to be 28, because 29 is looming

FCAs (focus-correction areas):
-be moderate with alcohol, and eventually no alcohol (it's subversive to my desire to lose weight)

-eat more fruits and veggies

-prepare more meals, eat out less

-have a plan of how to get back on the horse when something goes wrong.
And yes, I need to buy more Brita Filters b/c I put my last new one in....

July 22 Update:

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