Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Closeup

I am super proud of and excited for all of my dear friends that get recognized in the media (print, tv, web, etc.) for all their hard work, stories of triumph, or their commitment to the health/wellness/fitness community.

My great accomplishment? Always fighting for myself -- for my diagnosis and my treatment.  For that, GW Health News asked me to tell my story for their Spring 2014 newsletter:

Nota bene:  for anyone in the DC/MD/VA area that might be experiencing back pain -- Drs. Joseph O'Brien and Warren Yu will be hosting an info session regarding orthopedic options to get some pain relief.  Register Here:


Wait... you didn't mention my blog? Really?


I enjoyed reading that! It's awesome you were featured, Robby. muwah!


@Jack -- there was a word limit. How could I possibly praise you in fewer than 1000 words?

@Josie -- Thanks sweetie! xoxo


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