Thankful, thankful, truly thankful am I.

At my follow-up appointment yesterday, I told Dr. O'Brien, that he has given me my life back.  I think I hugged him three times.  Told him that I'd bake cookies for him.  I think I even told him I wanted to give him a puppy.  I really didn't have adequate words to thank him -- I didn't have the words to tell him what he's given me once again.

I'm asking my friends and family to leave a comment to this post adding your two cents to that which Dr. O'Brien has done to help restore me to my life, to my friends, to my family.  You have all seen me on the sidelines.  You've made sacrifices and changed plans as much as I have. 

Fitbloggin -- remember all the activities I had to sit out from? 
Everyone -- remember when you'd go to hug me and I'd wince?
Weight Loss / Health Gain people -- remember how much pain I felt over each lb that crept back on?

(PS:  this is my 500th post... I find it fitting to dedicate it to the man that helped me return to me....)


I think one of the biggest things Dr. O'Brien has done for you is give you hope. I am not a 'friend' as per se, just someone who reads your blog/twitter and I could often feel your frustration so intensely. All you have ever wanted to do it be healthy. This surgery will hopefully let you reach your full potential, without pain and complications. I am thankful you were able to meet a Doctor that was able to help you reach that potential.


So happy the surgery was successful!!

Dr. O'Brien... thank you for doing what you do and for helping Robby live life well without all the pain she had before.


Well, doctor O'Brien, you've given my friend her life and her hopes back, and that's more than any of us could. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Dr. O'Brien, thank you for being the difference between "I wish I could" and "I can."


Dr O'Brien, I don't know Robbie well but when I met her at Fitbloggin you could tell there was a huge zest for life within her yet was being held back by her injuries. It was sad to see her have to sit out on some fun activities at Fitbloggin. Thank you for freeing the spirit of Robbie.


Dr. O'Brien, thank you for giving my friend Robby back her ability to rock the world with her awesomeness, love, dedication and motivation for her mental and physical healthiness goals as well as her determination and strength that she doles out, without second thought to all of us that love her so much! Robby is a force to be reckoned with and with her getting back to 100%, the world will be right again, with our Mistress of Motivation, at the helm!


Dr. O'Brien:

I am not one who is easily impressed by those I meet.

When I met Robby for the first time this fall, I knew instantly that she is one of the most caring, daring, and strongest people I know - she is and will continue to be a true inspiration to me.

Words cannot express the joy I feel that she has found a new lease on the life she loves, and was missing so terribly, thanks to your confidence and skill.

I can't wait to see her come back into her own!



Congrats! I am so happy for you!!! We must get together to celebrate (I'm back home now)!

Thank you Dr. O'Brien!!!


Dr. O'Brien, Robby was a force to be reckoned with "before." I can't imagine how she's going to light up the world now, thanks to you. :-)



I'm really happy that the surgery has worked and you're feeling like a new woman!

Thanks to Dr O'Brien for restoring your passion for life (etc).



What a wonderful way to give Dr. O'Brien thanks. So thank you, doc! Thanks for helping give Robby her ga-roove back!


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