Looking stylish with dad.

Per instructions, I took the bandage off of my incision. I don't think I was ready to see what was underneath.  My initial reaction was the same one that I had the night before surgery: "my poor perfect neck!" But the truth is that it wasn't perfect. Thee were problems with the foundation that needed to be addressed. So I was just left with "ewwwww gross!!!"

I have received cards and well wishes from many of you. They are are greatly appreciated. I am still on pain meds. Night time/morning is hard. I need to keep my head moving in order to keep my neck muscles from cramping.

My surgical follow-up is on Tuesday. I hope that the doctor has good news for me regarding the incision and the operation as a whole.

So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I recover. They got me through the toughest part!
The furry nurses taking care of me
From my boss


Your young flesh will heal up beautifully dear Robby...big hugs to you as you enter this new phase of your journey!


Glad everything went well and you're recovering ok. Love the picture of your nurses :)


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