6 day post operation

My surgeon said that my operation "couldn't have gone any better." He said that I can try a few minutes on the elliptica...

My surgeon said that my operation "couldn't have gone any better."

He said that I can try a few minutes on the elliptical next week once my soft collar comes off. (I still have to wear it most of the day and while sleeping, but not while eating or showering.)
We start talking physical rehabilitation in 6 weeks. Not bad, eh?

He also said that I can remove the surgical glue over my incision.  My first reaction was "ewww" but as I said to two friends on Twitter, " I have a seam in me now. Where there was once perfection.... a second chance."

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  1. Yay! Snazzy new hardware. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    <3 Alyssa

  2. You kids and your crazy "body modifications." Congrats!

  3. So glad your surgery was a success!!

  4. *giggles* body modification...
    I did ask if he could install WiFi... he said no.
    Also, no adamantium stegosaurus spines.

  5. "We can rebuild her...we have the technology"

    Six Million Dollar Woman!

  6. Wow, love what the medical world can do today!

    Trying to figure the pics out... the one looks up higher than the other one, do you have one or two replacement disks?

  7. Janet -- One disc only C5-C6.
    I never noticed how different the views looked until you just mentioned it.

  8. Whoa! Things have changed since my surgery (same one) in 1997! And thank God. Your pics look fabulous--hey, I had to wear that stupid collar for EIGHT weeks!! Yikes! Long time not to shower or wash hair. Then I couldn't do anything for months that involved physical stuff--no gym, certainly no lifting. Your scar will meld into the natural contours of your neck, and soon you won't even notice it. Hang in there, baby, you'll be SO glad you did this! :)


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