Ka dunka dunka dunka THUD

This past Thursday night/Friday morning I awoke the most awful cacophony (like a flock of woodpeckers using jackhammers) coming from my kitchen.  Two to three times an hour my refrigerator would make this noise for about ten minutes and then shut off with a few loud thuds. I called for a repair person right away to confirm what I thought was the problem (I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty good at using the internet):  the refrigerator's compressor was on its last legs.

I wrote a thorough email to my landlord explaining what was going on.  His response was, well...less than hospitable, shall we say? So in addition to having to sleep with earplugs, in addition to having my sleep interrupted multiple times a night (*yawn*), I now may have the joy of having to find a new place to live (after 5 years in the same apartment). 

I'm almost done with physical therapy (for my back/hips/neck).  I need to keep up with all these exercises and stretches. My therapist focused on the fact that there's not a lot of flexibility in my hip (tendinitis).  Many of my supporting/core muscles were so busy trying to compensate for my hips/back to the point that they weren't keeping me aligned/stabilized as best as they could.  (I know, that screams that I need to start doing yoga.) But the short of the long of it is that I'm feeling a bit better.  Getting back to having fewer bad days and more good ones.  Hopefully they're spent outside...which brings me to.... 

When I first got my lower back diagnosis, I was told to not ride a bike because of the compression/shock to my lower back.  So I sold my mountain bike (*wipes tear from eye* I miss you Raleigh M30) and gave up on the idea of biking. In the years since, I've learned to ignore most of the things doctors have told me (1) because I know my body pretty well and (2) I have to live my life, come what may.  With that in mind, I bought myself a membership to Capital Bikeshare. So far I've done 5 rentals and have had a blast. I forgot how much I love riding a bike.  (Does anyone have a fun/fashionable helmet that they like? I'm looking at this Giro helmet.)


So sorry about the apartment. That sucks! Good luck finding a new one. I hope it's not a hard process.

I have back problems and basically have ignored most of the advice of my doctors too because they have been more on the cautious side. I didn't start running until I had a herniated disc and three bulging discs. One time my doctor told me I should stop running. Eh. You know your body better than they do. Listen to what they say to know the consequences, but if you can do something, do it. Who knows, maybe it's helping the back stay loose.


Chris: Thanks -- I'm hoping it will all work out for the best. We're not at the point of eviction, he basically asked me I wanted to be evicted. I don't know where that puts me legally.

I've been living with the injury and in my body longer than the doctors have. I may have learned when to press on, and when to give my back a break. You're very right -- that most of the exercises are helping my back stay loose. I don't do power lifting or endurance races. I do reasonable exercises in the hopes my back has a reasonable response.


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