Stuck in a Rut / I get by with a little help from my friends...

I knew within the first quarter of a mile that this was a bad run.
I was slllloooowwww.

Not only was I slow (okay, I know that compared to the 15-16 minute/mile "runs" when I was a kid, that this was still fast, but it's not the pace I normally like to run) but I was in a foul mood.  My body could do no right.

I vented/whined/complained on Twitter like a big effing baby.

LUCKILY.... a few friends came to my rescue -- first Martinus/300lbsandrunnin

 And then Renee/Pinkypie chimed in, as well as Sarah/BubblyHeart.
 It was decided among all of us that:
  1. not all runs are good runs
  2. sometimes our mind gets in the way of our bodies
  3. it's okay to have a bad run, so long as you stick with it til the end
  4. (sometimes you need to stop, have a dance party, and try again)

I dismounted the elliptical, used the loo, and put "Sexy and I know it" on my iPod and just danced.  When my mind and my heart was clear, this is what happened:

As I wrote on Facebook:  Friends remind us of how strong we are, and if we don't feel strong they push us across the finish line. And if we can't do that, they carry us.

While talking to Jess/@HalfofJess yesterday, and we were talking about how if you've ever run, or are a runner, you know exactly what I'm talking about -- the disconnect between your desire for a good run and what your body is doing.  All runners have had a bad run at some point.  There are times when we get half way and want to stop.  Where we're fighting ourselves the whole time.

But once we know that (1) we're not alone and (2) bad runs are a common phenomena, it gives us permission to finish in the time it takes and then try again.

And well, isn't that the moral?  Fall down, get back up?


I had my best run ever this week. I also had one of my worst runs ever this week. Good with the bad.


LoL: Definitely the good with the bad. Maybe we need bad runs to serve as contrast/comparison to the good runs. If we only had good runs we'd never feel satisfied.


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