You give me fever...

Last week I wrote about how my life had become a series of drinking events and how I wanted to get a little more variety added in to the mix.  I should have specified "healthy variety."  Because the universe has one helluva sense of humor.

I had a 101º-102º fever Saturday (didn't get to go to ShamrockFest), Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and my fever finally broke on Thursday -- just in time for my lovely house guest -- @HalfofJess (check out her blog) (who like all pandas, was brave in the face of danger)!

(1) In my 31 years on this world, this is the first time I've ever had the flu.

(2) I've never had the flu shot -- and I don't necessarily believe that as an otherwise healthy adult that I should be getting one.  But look, here's some info on the efficacy of this year's shot.

(3) Holy hell.  It felt like my eyeballs were boiling at one point.  For 5 days all I had in terms of calories was Gatorade (mmmhmm orange) and Toaster Strudels.  Don't judge.

(4) I'm still not 100%.  My stomach/digestive system is still a little behind in rebooting itself. But otherwise, I'm feeling much more human than I did a few days ago.

(5) I wonder if my immune system was just compromised because of surgery and then the mysterious skin issue (I have yet to go to an allergist...and yes, Riley, I will be doing that soon).

(6) Between mysterious skin issue and the flu now, and surgery rehab, I've missed 3-4 weeks of running, which means I have 1 week to run 39 miles.  I've done it before, but I don't think it'd be prudent to stress my body to hit an arbitrary goal.  That would be entirely contrary to the GoTheDist 2013 theme of "Rebuild Yourself" -- to not let my body recuperate from a nasty virus.

So it's Friday night -- Jess is going out with friends and I'm going to curl up with a good book, or three, and just try to get my energy up.  Because tomorrow I'm experiencing another blogger influx in the form of a Tweedie


Hope you are feeling better! That's a smart decision not to push yourself too hard and let yourself recuperate.


Hope you feel betters oon!! I'm loving your blog. I'm just starting the journey myself, and its great to know that I'm not in it alone!

The Making Of A Skinny Chick Blog!


Hi, Robby.

Would you believe I was led here by the god of all things culinary geek, the one and only Alton Brown? Well, believe it. Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey - I've been struggling with my own for as long as I can remember - and say that I hope you're feeling heaps better. I've had the flu like that before, and I couldn't decide if I was more afraid I was going to die or that I wasn't going to. Cliche, but true. lol Anyway! Best of luck with everything. Keep at it!


PS - I, too, love Toaster Strudel when I'm sick. :)


Kim -- very nice to meet you!
Any friend of Alton is welcome to my blog.

I'm feeling much better. Still coughing up stuff, but still pretty good. I wasn't too afraid that I was going to die, but i also knew that my cats would probably guard my body and/or eat me.

As for your journey -- I always say "return to the joy." When you do something that's joyful (cooking/eating or exercise) you remember why you started in the first place.


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