Gift Wrap, Part II

A long, long time ago, I wrote about "gift wrap": 
So that's the backstory.  What I wanted to write about was gift wrap.  You know when you get someone a gift that you're especially proud of (b/c you know they'll love it and it's just perfect)?  You don't just hand it to them in the bag it came in, but you take the proper time and effort to wrap it nicely, in beautiful paper and maybe a few ribbons.

Well that's exactly how I feel about myself now.  I find myself wearing less black.  I find myself getting frustrated with pants that are too big.  I am wearing more color.  I am buying myself pretty, delicate things with flowers printed on them.  I'm showing off a little here and there (especially my arms).  I'm not skimping on buying things of low quality, or that hide my body in a tent.  I make sure i get pedicures and that my skin is moisturized.  I have almost stopped my obsessive skin picking (or at least greatly reduced it--and that's another mom vs. my body story to tell another day).

In Hamlet, Polonius says "For the apparel oft proclaims the man."  I hope the world is taking notice of what I'm proclaiming.  I hope it translates to "I take good care of myself.  I won't let you treat me badly."

I am gift wrapping myself for the world. And yes, it's because I love myself and I'm my own imperfect perfection.
Yesterday, I had the occasion to put that into practice:

(Dress) (Jacket)
It's so rewarding to be able to put on a dress (size L) and have it fit (that never happens with my boobs).  I never got to be the trendy teenager or even college student.  So it's fun to bring some whimsy into my life at this point.

I'm wearing this dress to work today with the jacket, leggins, and knee-high boots.  If 16 year-old Robby could see me now!



I feel ya on the boobs thing though.. Busty girl problems...

-Sammie :)


Sammie -- when I was in the 4th grade, I had a 34B bra. It was so hard finding things that were age appropriate and yet supportive. My mom stuck me in sports bras. It was just one in a line of many incidents that made me ashamed about my body.

No more of that, eh?


You do look good, hon. You finally start to look like the proud young woman I know, and not like the insecure girl I met a long time ago.

Proud of you, little sis!


Thank you Big Sis -- my forever friend.
I'm so glad that you have been in my life as a constant form of love and support. I'm glad you've always known who was hiding underneath all the fat and insecurity.


Great blog, and great picture. Looks like you really changed your life. Well done and good luck with the future.


Thank you Kat -- I'm trying to change my life...
one day at a time, yanno?


That outfit is AWESOME! You look fabulous... and feel like it too, which is the best!



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