Take Care; Give Care

In bullet-point format because I'm still in no place to write cohesive thoughts:

  1. Wow. That's fucked up. Some people are just horrible, but the perpetrators pale in comparison to all the people that became heroes -- first responders, doctors, nurses, the people that went from the finish line to the hospital to donate blood, people that opened up their homes or gave rides, people that put pressure on wounds, or gave hugs.  We should be like this every day of our lives.
  2. There is so much love in the running community.  Though it's a competition, ask any runner and they'll say they want every last person to cross the finish line.  It's a reminder that running isn't about the speed or form, it's about the heart that goes into it.
  3. I was useless/distracted all afternoon at work.  I came home from work in a daze, did a few chores, and then got into bed with my bear and just cried.  I felt sick to my stomach.  Yes, I'm an emotional, empathic person -- but this just dredged up all of the feelings that I had on 11 Sept 2001, stuck in my dorm room (8 blocks from the White House, with tanks outside) waiting to find out whether all of my family/friends were okay.  I tried to sleep, but I kept hearing the helicopters over downtown DC, the sirens wailing past.  I was overwhelmed by the sense of dread, of wondering why people do this.  All I wanted was silence for both my mind and my heart.
  4. The most important thing I could do yesterday (other than finding out about friends that went to run in Boston) was to tell people that I loved them.  That I'm proud to be their friend, their family.  And I'm honored that for some reason, you love/like me. 
So all I want to say is take care of yourselves.... and give care if you can.  Love the people around you -- both people you know and even strangers.  Be a beacon of light.


thank you for your beautiful words and this poem. xoxo


I ran my first 5K last Saturday. My husband and six-year-old son were at the finish line, cheering me on. It never even occurred to me to worry that they might be blown up by terrorists as I struggled past.

Just horrible.


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