Déjà vu, All Over Again

My weight loss journey started with the motivation to look good in a bridesmaid dress for my friend Nancy's wedding.  And with that motivation, I reached my lowest adult weight of 188lbs and looked damn good in that dress

After Nancy's wedding, I lost focus and gained a few pounds back, but still felt like I was within striking distance of my goals.  But then, as you all know, I got injured...again.

Now that I'm all fixed up, I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous about getting back into the gym.  I need to get through the first few sucky workouts where my mind/body is not going to do what I want it to do, before I get into my rhythm. I also don't want to push myself too hard before my surgeon gives me a 100% all-clear to get back into the gym (all I'm allowed to do right now is walk and elliptical).  (Has anyone else ever felt this way? I feel like it's double dutch jump roping and I'm just trying to get the rhythm down so I can jump in.)

So the post's title is "déjà vu all over again" because I have about 7 months to look good (I miss my triceps!) in this dress (that can be worn a few different ways) for my friend Megan's wedding:

Side note:  whenever I get married, it's going to be like 27 Dresses, isn't it? Thank goodness I wasn't in a sorority!


27 dresses happens to be one of my most favorite movies, particularly because the end. I would love to have that many people stand up with me. Sure, its excessive, but was so lovely.

You are a rockstar.


I hear you. Though my injury was not as severe I am just starting to work out again and it is nerve racking. I want to run but I know I shouldn't. I am taking it in strides though, starting with core work and walking. You're a power house, I know that from reading. Baby steps and we'll both be back in fighting shape in no time.


I love 27 Dresses! Wait... is that the one with all the zombies or not?


I enjoyed 27 dresses, cute movie. You have great motivation but take it slow.


There are points in that movie where I just positively cringe...and some that are kind of true-to-life.

Jack--the movie would have been so much better with zombies.


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