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If you know me, you know I don't make any effort to hide the fact that I love the NY Giants

Always have.
Always will.

More than just my father raising me to be a fan, I've grown to love the NY Giants as a bit of a blue collar team: a family-run organization with a bunch of regular guys that work hard to achieve what they have; that have ups and downs; and that have had to work through some pretty spectacular failures to understand how delicious victory tastes.

I also relate to a few of the players on a personal level.  Former NY Giant fullback Madison Hedgecock also has degenerative disc disease.  Current NY Giant outside linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka also had a cervical disc herniate ("Kiwi" is also going the non-surgical route (to the best of my knowledge) and you'll often hear me say "if Kiwi can do it, so can I").  These guys know what it's like to rehab a spinal injury.

This past Friday, the New York Giants were invited to the White House for a tour and to meet with President Obama.  Unfortunately, I didn't know someone who knew someone who could get me a ticket to the event.  So my only chance of seeing them would be from afar.   All morning at work, I was excited and slugging through my tasks so I could take a long lunch hour to go down to the White House to catch a glimpse of my G-Men. 

I had only walked a block away from work when I realized that the Giants were out on the South Lawn, not inside.  This was my chance to see them, but I had to hightail it.  So in flip-flops and a dress, I ran from my office to the White House.

I'll say that again, slower:

I (the elliptical queen) ran (on hard ground) from (near) my office to the White House (about .75 mile).  

I am not going to become a pavement runner any time soon -- but it meant something for me.
I ran towards my heroes.
I wouldn't have been able to do this the last time they won the Super Bowl

And so while I didn't get to meet or see the NY Giants on Friday (the Secret Service cleared the south lawn visiting area completely, though a bike SS member was a NYG fan (and a hottie) and said he wished he could let us stay), I feel like I walked home having show that I have the heart of a NY Giant.


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This is so awesome!!! I would have run as well to see the Giants.


I won't say that I'm a Giants fan but i was glad to see them hand those arrogant Patriots a loss.


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