NSV of sorts?

So despite my panic , I have a NSV of sorts:  I weighed myself this morning (something I haven't done in a month) -- and I DID NOT GAI...

So despite my panic, I have a NSV of sorts:  I weighed myself this morning (something I haven't done in a month) -- and


I even lost .7lbs.

So, despite the unlimited buffets/a la carte restaurants, the all-inclusive alcohol, and not going to the gym and between dancing, swimming, hiking, going easy at the buffet, not getting drunk, and sleeping well, I found a way to stick with/close to the plan while having fun.

So for every good news, there's usually something that tempers the reaction:


How did this happen? 
  1. Well for starters it wasn't anything extrinsic -- i.e. nothing did this to me, I did this to myself.  It is a sum of the choices I have made over the past 5 months.
  2. I have not food logged.
  3. I have been unfocused and joyless in the gym, intimidated at the boxing gym (not by the workout, but intimidated by the time it takes for my body to recover) and unable to juggle both in a schedule that works for me.
  4. I suffered the extra long winter and then spring allergies mentally instead of just physically.
  5. Life got a little overwhelming for me in terms of personal administration.
  6. I let a boy distract me from my schedule.
And if you notice, almost all of those things has an obvious remedy:
  1. Accept responsibility for what happened and move on.
  2. Go back to what worked and start food logging again!
  3. Tinker with the schedule and plan for feeling sore and be on the lookout for pain.
  4. Now that the sun is shining, go outside and play! 
  5. Now that those problems are all fixed, look for ways to be proactive about these problems instead of reactive. 
  6. Include the boy in the schedule, but not to the exclusion of other things.

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  1. See, at least you're taking responsibility...that's more than I managed for a long time. Do you like the boxing?

  2. Maggie -- check out my tag cloud to the right and click on "LA Boxing" -- you'll read about how much I LOVE boxing!


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