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Lost:  Robby's April #GoTheDist

If you look at my line you will notice that I have not logged a single mile running.  I haven't logged anything, really.

The month started off pretty rough after I had lost my wallet in NYC in late March, and then my phone died on me.  It's no tsunami, it's no earthquake.  Nor is it famine or plague.  But sometimes the bumps in the road are just big enough to send you flying off course.

Mid-April things started looking up -- I was able to get a new drivers license issued (with new sexy photo).  I was able to then take that license to the bank in order to unfreeze my accounts (and set up new ones).  I then took money and license (and other documents) to get my passport renewal expedited.  Things were lining up just in time for my vacation.

First I had a few days in NYC -- dinner with my dad, met some Long Island buffalo, surprised my grandpa, with a visit, took my first ever hot Vinyasa class (Wii yoga prepared me for most of the poses/motions, but nothing prepared me for the heat; also, the teacher was super encouraging of me working within the limits of my own body).

Pretty soon we were on a plane to Miami and then to Cancun, and then after an hour and a half of driving, we were at our resort.  I highly recommend it (and hope to write a recommendation for it on TripAdvisor sometime soon I'm in the process of a recommendation for it) and can understand why I met so many people who had stayed at the resort multiple times.

I will post more about my vacation soon (perhaps, I'm of two minds to post about it), but suffice it to say, I had a great time and it was a much-needed break.

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