Growth by Loss

In Jamaica (Dunn's River Falls) in 2006 At Tulum, Mexico in 2005 At Tulum, Mexico in 2011 Not perfect -- but having fun. The differ...

In Jamaica (Dunn's River Falls) in 2006

At Tulum, Mexico in 2005

At Tulum, Mexico in 2011

Not perfect -- but having fun.
The difference?  I chose to live a little. 

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  1. Going from a 1 piece to a 2 piece would be HUGE for me. Congrats!!

  2. I would shout from the mountain tops at being able to wear a 2 piece...I have not since I was a child except for tankini's that still cover like a 1 piece

  3. You know... i think there are probably people out there who have rules as to who should/shouldn't wear a bikini but when it gets right down to it, it's all about who does and who doesn't. And the "who does" is usually made up of people who don't give a rat's ass as to what other people think -- they do it for themselves.

  4. As someone who will never have the confidence, no matter what my size, to wear a two piece....I applaud you. You look good, you really do....but more than anything, you've got the balls to do it. Even when I was at my "ideal" weight, I was so lacking in confidence that I couldn't bring myself to wear a two piece. Bravo!

  5. Maggie -- you only live once. I intend to do just that-- live.

    You have to make a choice regarding confidence sometimes -- to fake it til you make it, or to be a shrinking violet. I promise you one is WAY more fun than the other.

  6. I applaud that you are living life! Go git em girl!!!

  7. you are hot! :-*

  8. When I first started my self image recovery and physical fitness initiative I took your advise and employed my GP and a nutritionist to help me to set healthy goals. I have found that one of the most enduring support mechanisms has been educating myself about the psychology surrounding how I got to where I am emotionally and also the support I have found online with peer group. It has made the difference some days between accepting and binging. At first I felt hokey reaching out to people on the web for support. The more I have read though the stronger in my conviction that this community is essential to my recovery and success!
    I have seen several articles like this research out of Indian University that substantiate that support is beneficial and that virtual friends in the same boat are just as good a the local AA to a substance abuser. Thank you F.G.vs.W. for being you and sharing your strength.

  9. I'm glad I could be a part of your success.
    I think it's very much a buddhist idea (versus a western/capitalist idea) that if one person succeeds, we all succeed.

  10. Hello!
    I am hosting a Bikini shoot for women that will come out and face the BIKINI FEAR WITH ME. I came across your page while searching for BBW Women in Bikini INSPIRATION.
    Thank you for posting and may I look as CONFIDENT as you do here!
    Much BBW Love,

  11. BBW Generation: you should also read this post:


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