A Familiar Situation

When I was in the 6th grade, the 8th graders at the dances would make fun of me by getting me to dance with them--as in what charity that these cool kids would invite a dumpy fat girl to dance with them. It didn't help that my hair was permed (fro) and I didn't know how to dress (I don't even know how describe that hideousness I thought was pretty). The thing is that I knew the deal. And I'd rather people make fun of me and still have people to dance with than to cling to a wall all alone.

Last night a bunch of guys did something similar -- pushed their friend to dance with me. They wanted their friend to make a spectacle. I leaned in to the friend and said "I'm sure you're a nice guy, but your friends are douchebags and trying to make us a punchline." I turned to the friends and said "It's okay, I know you're douchebags." The stunned look on their face was priceless.

The difference is that now I'm okay with being alone, because I have my integrity to keep me warm.

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