On September 27, 1994, my mother passed away from a cerebral aneurysm that put pressure on her brain, hemorrhaged, and put her in a coma from which she never recovered.

Some doctors and scientists think that there might be a genetic/hereditary component to aneurysms. As such, my primary care doctor has wanted me to get an MRA for quite a while. The test is like the reverse of an MRI.  An MRI's image filters out the moving parts of your body to create a picture of what is not moving.  An MRA filters out the still parts to create a picture of what is moving (i.e., my blood).

The result is this:
looking straight at my face
 I think my brain is rather photogenic.

Looking at the right side of my face
I am expecting an unremarkable radiology report to come back from this.  But I thought the stills were too cool not to share.


Very pretty. Is it Sheldon from Big Bang Theory who thinks his brain scans are beautiful?


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