The Bullet

So... in July 2014, I got an email from an Associate Producer at ZoCo -- Dr. Oz's production company, and an affiliate of Harpo, Oprah's company -- asking me if I wanted to be considered for an "upcoming segment on the show" regarding their "new life change" shows:  "The show would be based around one guest who wants to get on  the right track to changing their life for the better. This will be a great opportunity for someone like yourself who has been on a weight loss journey."  The Associate Producer then listed a bunch of questions IN ALL CAPS (wtf?).  

At the time, I thought about all of my friends who had been published in books, featured in magazines, on local or nation-wide news, or who had achieved international recognition.  I wondered: Was this my time in the sun?

After 30 seconds of due consideration, I penned my response:
[Associate Producer]:
Thanks for reaching out to me -- but I feel that DrOz's promotion of weight loss pills doesn't fit with my mission statement or branding.
The more and more I read about Dr. Oz, the more I think that I dodged a bullet.  Earlier in the year the FTC investigated the "doctor" that Dr. Oz backed in regards to the green coffee bean extract diet – Lindsey Duncan – and they've just this week ruled that his claims were deceptive, fining Duncan's companies $9 million.

Does Dr. Oz say some good things? Sure.  But even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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Have you ever been courted by a person, site, or product that you have passed on because you don't want your name/reputation tied to it? 


It definitely would've been cool to be on a show like that, but if you didn't feel right endorsing a product like those weight loss pills, then you shouldn't do it. I've never tried diet pills, but I've heard that one problem is that people are more likely to gain the weight right back (and then some) after they stop taking the pills.


Diet pills are a "quick fix" and usually the fine print isn't worth taking the pills in the first place.


Dr. Oz is a quack.

Peace ~ Bear


Bear -- if it walks like a duck, testifies like a duck...


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