Sipping The Kool Aid

"Oh, you're a weight loss blogger?  Have you tried __________________?" 

The minute you tell someone that you're a weight loss/health gain blogger it's like the gates open for the flood of suggestions ("Juice fasting is the BEST! Your body is a toxic wasteland!" "Paleo/Whole30 really gets to the roots of what it means to be human" "Go gluten free! Who cares if you don't have Celiac, an intolerance, or an allergy? Who cares about sugar/fat content? Wheat is EVIL" "YOU MUST GO TO THE CHURCH OF CROSSFIT **froth at the mouth**!!").  Of all the diets people have asked if I've tried I get asked most about Weight Watchers.  

Well... my very first official weigh in was today at lunch:  214.4 lbs (eek!)  
My 5 % goal is 11 lbs. My 10% goal is 21 lbs.  I would personally like to see what 175 lbs (39 lb loss) would look like.

Okay -- so why now?  My office has a pretty robust wellness program -- we have on-site yoga once a week, onsite kettlebells once a week, an in-house gym, various race sponsorship opportunities, etc. This year they offered an incentive:  if we attend more than 50% of the meetings they'll pay for half of the employee's enrollment.  My payroll company also offers up to a $200/year reimbursement for any health/wellness related expense.  Essentially, my 12-week Weight Watchers at Work program is free.  Not bad, right?

So I took the plunge and got myself a fancy schmancy Weight Watchers account (let's be friends!?). I've been allocated 34 daily points along with my 49 flex points.  It's still messing with my mind that certain fruits/veggies are zero points, even if they are high on the glycemic index. But I'm just going to go with it and see what happens.

At the very least it will help me address a few issues that I've pretty much always had, but that are especially important because I can't offset it with exercise as I have done in the past (see back issues): 
  1. meal planning;
  2. portion sizes;
  3. consistency; and
  4. accountability.
So... my new Weight Watchers friends -- have any favorite low-point/power food recipes? 


Darn it, my comment disappeared. Anyway, I'm not on WW right now, but I really love their homemade chicken fried rice. I was actually thinking about making it for dinner this week. *drool*


HI Robby, I take about 4 chicken breasts and put them in a crock pot then cover them with a jar of salsa (your choice of flavor). Leave it on low for like 6 hours and you then shred it and can use that in many ways..from tacos to putting it on a salad or a baked potato, etc. It's easy and great. One of my go-to's

I cook a lot and am on ww too, so I will send you recipes when I have something good. Also, the ww site has a bunch of good recipes on it. Best of luck! Dianna Rose


@Megan: Sorry for the comment issue -- I need to get a better comment service. Blogger kinda sucks. Chicken fried rice sounds delicious. Lots of veggies I assume.

@Dianna Rose: I think that means i need to get a crock pot, no? I did pan-fry (in my grill pan) 4 chicken breasts and cut them down to 3 oz portions (I am really good at eyeballing it). Hopefully I will be able to integrate them a few different ways.


Oooo. Your company's wellness program is full of much fancy. Enjoy the perks, my friend!


@Josie -- I just wish the people who really needed to address their wellness used the program...


That's a great deal! My workplace reimburses about half.


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