Suck it up, buttercup.

Confession:  I ate a ginormous everything bagel that I had brought back from Brooklyn and kept in my freezer.  The world tells me that I should hate carbs, but how could I hate anything so perfect?

Can we still be friends if I eat carbs?  Great. Okay, now that I got that out of the way...

I wanted to write a post about how people think that obese/fat people are lazy yet don't realize just how hard many of us work to suck in our guts all day long.  Then I realized I had already written that post four years ago.  (I wonder how many of my followers are fellow gut suckers as well.)

Have I really run out of things to say, or is it just that some things never change?

Sadly, due to a power outage at my office the first Weight Watchers at Work meeting was postponed to later this month.  I think this is good and bad -- I was excited to get started, but I've had the respiratory ick for a while now. I also just finished a round of antibiotics that is knocking my on my ass.  The ZPak is killing every bacteria in my body, good and bad.  I will hit the ground running with Weight Watchers on January 20th.


I think it's okay to eat some carbs; it's all about moderation. For me one thing that's tough to cut down on is my salt intake, because I like eating stuff like popcorn and potato chips, but then I end up hating them when I step on the scale the next day.


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