Tricky Treat

This valiant woman in North Dakota has taken it upon herself to inform her neighbor's children that they are overweight/obese by giving them a letter instead of candy this Halloween.

Some initial thoughts: 
  1.  She's giving the letters to kids, but addressing it to the parents.  This, in my mind, is spineless, cowardly, passive aggressive, and just plain cruel. If the woman is so concerned about how a person is parenting then she should have a face-to-face conversation with the parent.  (You know, she should be willing to get punched in the face for what she believes in.)
  2. She's not a doctor.  She's not a pediatrician or a pediatric dietician.  She's just a person with an over-reaching opinion and a sense of entitlement. 
  3. If she doesn't want to contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic, she could give out "treats" that aren't food -- stickers, toys, glow sticks, etc.
  4. This completely ignores the other epidemic -- kids are getting eating disorders at younger and younger ages.  Having a stranger comment and criticize your weight is a very good way to start cultivating a negative body image. 
If you know my full name,
you know why this is funny.
In 1991, my grandmother died.  That was the very start of my weight gain.  Every year after that, I anguished over not being able to fit into all the costumes designed for kids.  My mom tried her best to find something that was age appropriate, that would fit, and that I liked, but it really soured me on the experience.

I knew I was bigger than all the other kids.  I didn't need some asshole neighbor telling me just how much I didn't fit in with all the other kids.  I didn't need some asshole neighbor to add insult to the injury.  And if some asshole neighbor had given me that letter to give it to my parents (1) I would have read it first (cause you know kids can read nowadays) and (2) my parents may or may not have asked me where that person lived.

I'm not saying that this lady should give out candy.  That's her choice as to what to do -- but if you don't have enough to share with the whole class, don't bring in the cupcakes.  Kids are very sensitive to being excluded and ridiculed.


Damn right!

I never understood why people yelled FATASS at me. Do you REALLY think you're informing me of something I don't know?

I hope this lady's house gets pelted with bottles of diet pills and eggs tomorrow night.


I work very hard to be overweight (vs. my previous obese). I think when people feel the need to comment on my body, it speaks more about their feelings, their thoughts, their biases, than how I feel about my body. And i will NEVER EVER let someone else make me feel bad about my body.

Kids don't have that resolve and self assuredness.
This woman is picking on a child when her issue is really with an adult.


I bet if anyone actually confronted her, she'd have a fit—after all she's only offering much needed advice. I encountered a bully like this yesterday on Facebook and that was her response. And that's what she is: a bully. And you're absolutely right. This says way more about her than it does about these children she's so ready to insult. I agree with Bec too. May bags of dog poop lit on fire on her front porch along with the diet pills and eggs.


Then I would ask "What qualifies you to give advice" and more importantly -- advice without a constructive solution is just an opinion. And we all know opinions are like assholes.


Ugh this just makes me so sad for the kids she gives the notes to. If she really wants to share her opinion, then she should share it with the parents, not the kids. If she thinks kids shouldn't have candy, give out something else or shut the light off and don't give out anything. She is so mean!!!


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