A journey of a thousand miles....is very boring sometimes.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that my cardio is rather predictable and boring (and usually blurry):

So when @SuzieRobb asked me the following, I wasn't surprised that more people haven't asked me the same. 

The answer?  Yes.  I do get sick of it.  HOWEVER....(and like I said to Suzie), I'm incredibly thankful for my boring, repetitive, locked-in-a-dungeon cardio.

I've written in many other posts about my history of back problems and just how it limits what I can do.  I've also mentioned in many places (in person and on the internets) that I miss being able to box (my doctor doesn't want me to spar, and I'm just a bit nervous about getting back into it).  I also cannot run on hard ground (I'm very jealous of all of you that get to enter races, get fancy tech t-shirts, and medals, and celebratory beers).  Heck, I can't even walk on hard ground (marble floors in museums are MURDEROUS). 

So I do what I can do.  My first few runs after neck surgery were slow, and painful.  (NB:  yes, I know two of you don't like me using the word "run" for what I do on the elliptical.  But since the ultramarathoners and iron men/women are okay with me using it, I'm going to use it.  So :P) I was lucky to get through one 12- minute mile before every nerve in my body told me to stop.  It wasn't just that I was out of shape, but I was scared.  I didn't want to jeopardize my surgery/recovery.

I had to re-learn my limits -- of how far I could go, how fast I could go, what cross-ramp I should use, how much resistance i could use -- and then figure out how much rest/recovery I needed between runs.  Once my doctor cleared me at the 3-month mark to (1) start rehab (2) start weights, I began to work those elements in to my workout plan.

So long story short, yeah.... I'm bored doing the same cardio almost every day (even if I am varying distance, speed, difficulty) and jealous of all you marathoners and CrossFitters, doing all these things I can't do.  But spending those 45 minutes or so on the elliptical, I'm able to meditate on how very thankful that there is this one thing that I can do.


That is a fantastic attitude! I have shoulder issues that sometimes get me down, I have to remind myself to be grateful that my legs will do anything I want them to.


AMEN, Sister.
this is me, too.


Natalie -- Miz -- I think we all have limitations, but it's up to us to have as much joy as we can before we hit that limit, right?


Better safe than sorry. You look great, so it must be working. I hope to start exercising soon. I might weight until I lose another ten pounds, hoping my back and knee will be more willing to support my weight.


LTR -- well you know most of weight loss is diet. Exercise is more for health gain.


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