An old post, from my old journal, but with new persepctive...

I've been reading Veronica Monet's Sex Secrets of Escorts and while most of it isn't particularly great writing or things i never knew before -- she does make a few good points, among which are a few I want to share with you:
Escorts, by virtue of their profession, must love their bodies. The common woman often does not. They take the time to pamper and primp their body because it's an expression of love and care for themselves.

. . .

Throughout history, courtesans weren't paid only to be beautiful, but to be witty, smart, engaging and often had access to a world of learning that other women did not. They were allowed to challenge men in ways that other women often could not.  Some would even go to say that the women who were courtesans by choice (not by lineage or force) were the early feminists -- embracing knowledge and regaining control of their sexual pleasure.



I know that geishas in Japan were more about witty conversation and graceful tea-making and playing musical instruments than sex. It was still about making the man feel special though.


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