Momentum and/or A Fresh Start

Six months ago, I threw down the gauntlet -- a one-year challenge
-- and we're half-way through the year. 

1.  Congrats to all those that have met and/or exceeded their goals!
Emily (@FitandFreeEmily), Tracy (@iknowitsforreal), Jordy (@itsjordylive),
Kafi (@kljmemories), and Derrick (@dfdx2)!

2.  Congrats to all those that got very very close! (80% to 99% of their goal)
Michelle (@michellecj), Cari (@travellingcari), Vena (@phatterri), Sue (@PhoenyxRysyng),
Xani (@x_factor) and Robby (@FatGirlvsWorld)!

3.  To all the people meeting less than their goal:  do not despair!  Yesterday was July 1st -- the start of the Quarter 3 (a/k/a the start of the second half of the year).  Just because you didn't hit 100% of your goal doesn't mean you're a failure.  It matters what you do next.  Do you give up on the whole challenge or do you see what you can do to salvage your goal? 
All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me...You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.  ~ Walt Disney
4.  Please leave a reply to this post if you're part of the #GoTheDist challenge with your weekly target number -- what's the breakdown for you?  What do you need to do in 26 weeks to either hit your yearly or half-year goal?  (I need to run 19.23 miles a week to hit my yearly goal, or 17.3 if I am going to hit my 6-month goal.  Both are entirely attainable) Talk to me! Talk to each other! Let's support each other through this.  If you've seen success, give back to someone that needs help.

5.  Check out the questions on the end of the original #GoTheDist 2012 Challenge -- and perhaps answer them in a blog post, or even just for yourself.  I've found those questions to be very helpful in keeping my head in the game -- especially the question of "where's the line in your mind between success and failure?"

6.  Meditate on how you want to feel on December 31, 2012.  Let that be your guide.  Meditate on how you felt on your worst day.  Let that be your inspiration to do better, even if it's only 10 feet more, 10 minutes more.  Breathe deeply, you've got this.  #GoTheDist isn't meant to cause anxiety, it's meant to help you feel free and victorious.  Forgive yourself if you need to.


Hey there, going to give this another run (I mean walk). My goal is to walk 6 miles a week. Not that may be weak, but I gotta get back into this attitude to succeed at it. Assuming I can do that, I am more than happy to smash that goal and smash hit hard.



So glad to have you back with us!
I think just having you put down some goals is a step in the right direction. Smash your goals like the Hulk!


It's gonna be tough - almost impossible - for me to hit my 2nd-half-year goal, because I'm changing my routine and dropping two of my Spin classes that accounts for half of my weekly target! But even if I only get 50% of my target for every quarter, it's better than 0%. I know I'm doing the best I can - and I'm not just giving up my classes; I'm swapping them out with Zumba instead, to see if a change in my exercise routine coupled with a change in my diet will get me out of this stupid plateau I seem to be stuck in.

But I hit 130(.18)% for quarter two, and I'm pretty thrilled with that. I took on an extra Spin class on a Sunday morning, so even when I've not been going to the gym (to let the pulled muscle in my arm heal, so no Stationary bike at the gym to add miles) I've still had those extra miles on a Sunday to help!

It's all been adding up, and I've been amazed, watching the digits shoot up and up.

I'm also amazed at the difference in my second target - my steps. I didn't set an actual target for that, I just wanted to know what I'm walking this year so I can try to do it better next year. But you can see in January (and February) how I did very little steps, and then BOOM, I moved into my own place and I have to walk everywhere. Admittedly, my step counter picks up movements from my Spin classes, too, but I can't exactly say, "I'm doing a Spin class! How many steps do I take off for that?!" I'm still cycling miles - 15 or 20 miles in a class, depending on which month and which instructor - so I figure the step count's fine.

But mostly...

I'd need to cycle 46.something miles a week - so three Spin classes plus 1.something miles on the Stationary bike - every week to make target. This allows for occasionally missed classes, plus the two or three weeks at the start and end of year that Spin classes aren't on. Q3 and Q4 are going to be tough to get my numbers up, but I'm gonna keep on keeping anyway. :) No giving up.

That's the whole point, right? To go the distance. I'm gonna start singing that track from Disney's Hercules any minute now. *grin*



I am going to work hard for 9 miles a week between the elliptical and cycling.
I have an 18 mile cycling event I need to train for in September. Tour De Lab, proceeds help out a non-profit emergency pet hospital here in Portland.
I've never written a response blog post before, but I LOVE this post and am thinking of doing one. That alright by you?


Changing up the routine definitely helps with plateaus. Kudos you for realizing this avenue!

I don't know the exact number of steps you'd take off for a spin class, other than taking off the pedometer when you're at spin class.

But you hit on the exact right thought -- that you're doing more than you were last year. You're kicking ass! Keep it up! The point of #GoTheDist is to move forward, not backward.

Christa: I think you can do 9 miles on the elliptical a week alone. I think you're stronger and more consistent than you give yourself credit for. I love the idea of Tour De Lab. I volunteer at an animal shelter too :) You don't need permission to use one of my posts as a launchpad for one of yours. Go for it!


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