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1.  So I've had 2 epidurals .  I experienced a great deal of relief (especially regarding the radiating pain down my left arm) after the...

1.  So I've had 2 epidurals.  I experienced a great deal of relief (especially regarding the radiating pain down my left arm) after the first epidural.  I feel much the same as I did before the second epidural as I did after the second epidural.  Today was the first day of physical therapy.  The question is whether I have the third epidural or not.  I don't know if I'm in a diminishing returns situation, or if more steroids will help at this point.  There are pros and cons either way. I just don't know where I stand.  What would you do?

2.  I just booked a hotel room for Fitbloggin.  I requested a room with two double beds.  This means that I could have anywhere between 1 and 3 roommates. I've reserved a room from Sept 20-23.  I'm thinking about extending that reservation to September 19th (this rate isn't included in the Fitbloggin price).

1 person = $654.89
2 people = $654.89 (or $327.44 each)
3 people = $679.89 (or $226.63 each)
4 people = $704.89 (or $176.22 each)

Problem is that I met soooo many wonderful people last year at Fitbloggin1that (1) I don't know who to ask,(2) I don't want to offend anyone by not asking, and (3) I'm hoping my room becomes a bit of a party/kitten pile room, wine and pajamas kind of thing.

Anyone down for the chaos?

ALSO -- just a reminder, pack an extra suitcase/bag for all the swag.  Trust me, you'll need it or be faced with making some tough decisions.

3.  Part of me really wants to make a #FitBloggin12 "yearbook" -- everyone's face to make for easy identification and so we can write messages to each other.  If I were to make one, would people want to print it/pay to have it printed?

4.  The FatGirlvsWorld/#GoTheDist was a pretty successful gimmick -- do you think I should do it again (different color?) or go the route of business cards?  Identifiable gimmick vs. lots of info??

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  1. So glad I'll see you at for number one, I don't know how to advise you but I do know how to say that I hope you find lasting relief and solid answers to your issue!

  2. I have already booked my room for Fitbloggin' too, but would love to join in the slumber-less party!

    I love the idea of the yearbook, too, and would certainly be willing to contribute toward the costs.

    I didn't go last year, so don't know about the biz card thing - is this something that everyone usually does?

  3. I'm going to Firbloggin this year just booked my flight (already have a hotel room). So looking forward to meeting people live.

  4. Karen -- i can't wait to see you again. I feel like last year I was just getting to know you. Now that you're my big sister I'm even happier to see you again.

    Sue -- people use the business cards to exchange contact information/networking. I think getting a yearbook together would require (1) getting everyone's photo beforehand, a mini bio, and then designing it (yay! all my magazine work in college finally paying off). I don't know if we could include photos from fitbloggin11. **shrugs** i don't know if this is a good idea or not.

    CW -- it's a blast!


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