#GoTheDist 2012

Make no mistake:

I am throwing down the gauntlet.

#GoTheDist is entering a new phase of badassery where only the brave dare go. 

Instead of a month-to-month challenge, I've set up the spreadsheet (if I did everything correctly) to track a whole year.

Yep, that's right.  Instead of looking at your fitness goals from month-to-month, I want to you to think long and hard.  I want you to come with with a challenge that will push you beyond what you think you can do. 
I want you to add 10% to that goal.  And then we'll talk. 

A few things have changed and I need everyone to pay very close attention to the instructions regarding the spreadsheet.  There are formulas left and right.  So even if you have done this before, please pay careful attention to what you're doing, lest it affect someone else's tracking.  
Also -- if you're better at spreadsheets/Excel/math than I am, please let me know if you think I've done something wrong.

Also new? Due to popular demand, I've started a #GoTheDist Facebook Page -- Feel free to post related blog-entries, PRs, goals, requests for motivation, and the like. Please do not post ads for products, companies, services, or businesses. You will be removed from the group.  I will be looking for administrators for this group soon.

How to Join #GoTheDist 2012:

1. Click on the SUMMARY PAGE (bookmarking it would be a good idea as you will be using it often).

2. Fill out the next available line on the "Summary" spreadsheet.  You are responsible for filling out your biographical information (columns A–D), your tracking modality and goal (columns E and F), your quarterly goals (columns G, J, M, and P), and your half-year and full-year rewards (columns T and V).  

3. **CREATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL PAGE** (The information you have entered in step 2 should auto-complete to an individual page.  Check your line number and then look at the bottom of the page.  Match up your line number and double check that your information is correct).

4. Rename the tab "@[twitter name]" or if you don't have Twitter "[nickname]"  I will fill in the formulas to complete the Summary Page as needed (please do not tinker if you are unfamiliar with formulas).

5. Fill out the sheet as you wish.  See step #8.

6. Update your own individual page as needed (if tracking is too hard, consider printing out your page and filling it out by hand and updating it online once a week). The total mileage will automatically be updated on the Summary tab as you report on your individual page.

7. Follow #GoTheDist on Twitter for support if you need it or to support others when they do, to announce achievements, and find new/old friends!

Please contact me via email or twitter if you want to be removed or you're unsure of how to use the spreadsheet.  If you want to add columns, please add them to the RIGHT of the page.  Please do NOT move your page around! You CAN bookmark your individual page using your browser to find it easily.

I'm also quite happy to see how #GoTheDist and #MeFirst can work hand-in-hand.  Consider taking the #MeFirst pledge#GoTheDist is also a friend of MeYouHealth and their Daily Challenges.

So grab your #GoTheDist buttons, use the hash tags for each month, and get out there! We're all behind you!

At the end of the month/quarter/half consider answering these questions:
  • How do you think you did over the course of the quarter?  
  • Did you overestimate or underestimate your capabilities?  Why is this?  Is this representative of a larger trend in your life?
  • Did you learn anything about yourself while doing this? 
  • Can you apply what you've learned in #GoTheDist somewhere else in your life? 
  • Did you make any new friends through #GoTheDist -- were you able to support each other?
  • What was the hardest part of the challenge?  (physical? mental/psychological?)
  • What do you think you did really well this quarter? (doesn't have to be about #GoTheDist)
  • What do you think you could improve on? (again, doesn't have to be about #GoTheDist)
  • No matter the numbers you already entered, are you going to finish strong, or taper off? 
  • Did you go the distance? And no, I don't mean did you hit 100% of your goal... did you put yourself out there and really try for it?  Is 80% still something you can be proud of?


I LOVE this idea, Robbie! I just purchased one of those "Fitbook" trackers, and it has a whole explanation of why using 12 week periods (roughly quarters) for short term goals is best. This will work perfectly!

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this :) I'm excited to PUSH MYSELF this year. No more falling short of my goals.


Wow I cant believe how detail oriented this is and awesome that you set it up! Today I am taking a rest day because I finally pushed myself from my normal none hurt comfort zone at Bodypump and gave it more than I normally would. It felt great and today I am sore but it was worth it! Sometimes its nice to have others help push you along!


Thank you for putting this together! I've been reading your blog for sometime and I'm inspired by you and the community you have helped create. I've signed up and I'm ready for the challenge.


Emily -- I think that this is where #GoTheDist was headed to last month.... the whole Iditarod theme. As for the quarters, I am thinking of them as seasons of our lives. What we do one month is linked to every other month. I'm so glad that #Gothedist is continuing to help you stay motivated!!

Courtney -- I'm soooo nervous. I hope all my formulas work! Rest days are super important. Your body needs time to repair and adjust itself to what you're asking of it. i'm glad you're pushing yourself.

Jenn -- I'm glad to have inspired you and that you have joined. The #GoTheDist crew is an unbeatable team!


This is great Robbie. Thank you for all the work you do to make tracking easier for us. I noticed that 1/1/12 starts on Monday on my spreadsheet (I promise I didn't try to mess with the formulas). Here's to a wonderful 2012.


Siobhan -- thanks for pointing that out -- it was totally my fault. I fail at using calendars sometimes.

Hopefully it'll be a quick fix.


I love that this challenge is over the course of the whole year. We are all going to rock 2012!


I'm even more of an excel fail than a blog fail, so can you double check me? I think I did it right. With two sets of tracking buddies, I should make 2012 my year.


I'm so excited for this! I turn 30 on Wednesday and can't wait to use this first year in my 30's to get healthy so I can live my life and extend it at the same time.
You're a goddess among women Robby!


Looking forward to a healthy happy 2012 ...thanks for all your hard work on Gothedist


I am SO excited about this. 2012 is going to be my year and I am loving that I can incorporate this into it.


I've fallen off the Go The Distance radar for a while, but I love the year long challenge and am totally in. Thank you so much for continuing to motivate so many people. 2012 is going to be great!!


OGG -- I think we might make 2012 tremble in its boots :)

Cari -- I will check your sheet and report back

Ms Hot Diehl: the 30s are way better than your 20s. At least that's what I want to keep on believing. I'm glad #GoTheDist can help you toward your goals of being a goddess WITH me.

Misty -- thank YOU for YOUR hard work. GoTheDist is nothing without its supporters

Maggie -- ever year is your year. I always say it's the year of the "Stone Cold Fox." In other words, nothing gets between me and my goals.

CARRIE!!! So glad to have you back!! You know, as I was trying to find pictures for the Go The Dist page, I came across this... Thought you might like to go back and re-read your words and find strength and wisdom there: http://fatgirlvsworld.blogspot.com/2011/01/guest-post-decgtd-wrap-up.html


Hi! I noticed that every day on my personal page is Sunday - as much as I wish that were true, I don't think it's gonna happen... :-) Also, where do I define my alternate modality, and does it come into play anywhere in the whole scheme of things?




Sue -- I will look into that -- it wasn't doing that a few hours ago -- which means something buggy is going on with the sheet.


Here from Carrie at familyfitnessfood.
Thanks for organizing this. I am excited to get started!


Thanks for this Robbie Dear - You are a continued inspiration and I plan on making 2012 my bitch!! Let's do this!


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