Fighting Spirit

I'm surprised that i haven't blogged about this before, but one of my favorite phrases is "Even on your worst day, you can be someone's hero."  It's a double-edged phrase:  (1) don't beat yourself up for being imperfect and (2) you still have value to share with other people.

The news of having to rehab yet another body part put me in a bit of a bit of a tailspin (I have many of those) and I had a few bad days of pain/soreness, and then feeling sorry for myself when I got an envelope in the mail.  Jack Sh!t had asked me for my address and for my willingness to participate in a secret project.  With such vague details I thought to myself, "only good can come of this."  It never crossed my mind that it could be all a part of some nefarious kitchen experiment.  But no, he had to go and do something sweet, humbling, and meaningful.  That envelope arrived on a day when I felt like I was a failure as a blogger, a failure as someone looking to improve their heath and wellbeing, and when I was feeling the impending doom of turning 30.

If you go all the way to the bottom of his "Putting It All Together" post, you'll see a photo of little ol me:

"The Fighting Spirit of Robby at FatGirlvsWorld"
Gawww.... shucks, Jack....

That little index card is now in a place where I see it every day.  It reminds me that other people see how much I fight for myself.  It reminds me that people that I love and respect see that I don't give up or give in when things get tough.  Truth is that sometimes I feel like I can't live up to the SuperHero image I've created for myself.  But the thing is most SuperHeroes are human in one way or another (either in their secret identity or their foibles).  The humanity is what we identify with most.  If Jack Sh!t has taught me anything, it has been that (much like Cyrano) laughing at yourself doesn't have to be self-deprecating and debasing, sometimes if you laugh at yourself it means you love yourself beyond compare with a full, but light heart.  Being joyful and silly can help restore us even on our worst days.

Even on your worst day, you can be someone's hero.

And sometimes that just means you being who you are -- imperfect, in-progress, honest.
And sometimes that just means you should check the mail to see if Jack Sh!t has sent you something.

Thanks, Jack!


Thanks for this reminder, today I need this. I feel like a complete failure and wonder why I do this whats the point. Today I want to sit and cry not go to the gym or write a post or be anyones inspiration. Today I feel alone and misunderstood. Thanks for being my superhero on days like this


I just started my own weight loss journey, and I've been looking up blogs of those who have done the same and succeeded. It's very inspiring. I found yours from that image post at JackSh!t from your index card, and I'm glad I did.

I appreciated your post because I wonder how it is all these weight loss bloggers keep it up every day so tirelessly. Your post makes it feel a bit more approachable for me too.

Anyway, thanks.


Misty: **BIG HUGS** You know the whole saying about "it's better to try and fail than failing to try." Well, the whole try/fail thing gets old and wears you out. Just find a way to gather yourself together, forgive yourself a little, and love yourself a lot. You're awesomesauce. And while I might be your hero, you're mine as well :P

Mandy: Glad I could help demystify the whole blogging world. The thing is that NO ONE is perfect. They just censor their imperfections more. And that's everyone's choice. Personally, I don't think I have anything to gain from censoring myself from myself or from my audience.


YOU KNOW I LOOOOOVE that as well.



oh I love that quote, I may have to make a sign for my classroom. I teach high school so I am always looking for good quotes that don't seem like they are for little kids! I loved that photo of you too. Also since I am a bit behind in my blogging, Happy Birthday!


MH-- if you do so, would you take a photo?
I love that it might go in a classroom (I have many teachers in my family)!

Thanks for the love <3


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