You can't keep a good woman down....

but you can keep her out of the gym and no boxing. 

Orthopedist ordered 4 weeks of rehab, 1 week of steroids, reassessment in 10 days, pain meds, muscle relaxers (to make it so (1) I can sleep and (2) so I don't wake up in pain). 

This is so not the news I wanted to hear.  But it's not like I didn't expect it.
The diagnosis?  Cervical radiculitis

If in 10 days I'm not feeling better we're going to do an MRI to figure out if there's a bulging disc (we don't think there's a herniation b/c the MRI showed a good inter-vertebral space).

Right now the pain has me out of the gym (even running on the elliptical hurts).  So I'll need you all to run a mile or two for me until I'm all fixed.

The hardest part about all of this?  I wonder where I'd be if I didn't have to deal with a crappy spine.  Would I have reached my goals?  Will I get to continue on?


As soon as I stop shaking and vomiting I will run a couple miles for you :) d@mn summer bug


I'll get my miles in for you this weekend. Hope your recovery goes well, and its nothing more serious.


Thank you LF -- I don't know if it's more serious at this point. We always start conservatively with treatment. But definitely not surgery worthy.


Ugh! I hope you feel better soon.

Have you tried something like yoga?


HUGS from hot texas.
I so so so get the injury-timeoff-FRUSTRATION thing.


Kasondra -- I have to be careful with yoga. I have really bad balance (yay bad back!)--so if I do it, I need it to be slow and near a wall.

Miz -- as always, thank you for your love and your guidance. It's hard to feel like I'm out of the game -- but i can't neglect the mental and food side of weight loss. I'm still in this.


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