As promised in my last blog entry -- a few lists in relation to my experience between 2009 and 2010 ("the first time around" "the second time around") (and I am sure that I'll be adding to these lists the more I think about it):

What I was good at
  • procrastinating
  • not hyper-focusing on the daily ups and downs
  • celebrating my small victories
  • self-awareness 
  • rebounding after a setback (sometimes?)
  • chutzpah and willingness to at least try
  • making awesome playlists
What I was bad at
  • meal planning
  • workout planning
  • consistency in regards to just about everything
  • waking up early to get to the gym before work
  • drinking enough water
What worked 
  • playing (making exercise fun, choosing fun exercises)
  • food logging
  • wearing the BodyMedia armband/FitBit
  • being supported by friends that understood both being overweight and having a serious injury to contend with
What didn't work
  • getting injured kinda sucked
  • Celiac Disease
  • drinking alcohol
  • "cheat days" versus planning in the things I wanted
What resources I had and used
Weird new creature
at the office gym
  • free office gym
  • walkable city
  • expertise and support from friends
What resources I had but didn't use
  • free exercise classes offered at the office
  • free exercise classes offered near where I live
  • supportive friends that wanted to take classes with me
What resources I need this time around

  • foam roller (with bumps? no bumps?)
  • more FODMAP recipes (that I will eat)/shopping lists (that are manageable) 

. . . And for some kicks, let's throw in Doug Newburg's five questions: 

1. How do you want to feel everyday or about your life in general?

  • I want to feel unrestrained by past mistakes.  I want to feel emboldened to take on new adventures without fear of failure or injury. 

2. When, where, and around whom do those feelings happen?

  • I feel confident in myself when I am confident in the net that I've made for myself -- supportive friends, good doctors/physical therapists, but also when I trust myself to survive setbacks. 

3. What gets in the way of those feelings or takes them away?

  • When I am injured, I tend to doubt my whole self -- my past, my present, my future.  I know it's not a fatal injury, but it shakes me to my core. When that happens, I shut down and wall myself off from the things I know that work out of a bit of shame, but also because I'm cautious.

4. How do you get those feelings back?

  • Keep asking myself if I am seeing things for what they truly are or if I'm projecting my fear and caution too far.  Trust friends' appraisals and borrow some of their confidence. 

5. What are you willing to work for? 

  • My long-term spine health
  • The possibility of an abdominoplasty


definitely a foam roller with bumps. and living in the current moment / not restrained by the past is the way to go. you've totally got this x


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