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(I keep hearing over and over that blogging is dead. That it's all about microblogging now (tumblr, instagram).  FIE!!! I say FIE ON THAT!!! I shall keep writing.)

I super jinxed myself by saying things like "after my spine surgery, I'll be able to _____________"
Body's response was "NOT SO FAST THERE, FGvW."

Okay, this wasn't totally unanticipated.  After my initial injury in 2007, once I was able to stand up a bit better, I was hit with plantar fasciitis in both feet at the same time.  So when my feet started acting up after my spine surgery (I think it's due to having my weight shifted forward, pulling the muscles in the back of my leg tight), I started doing all of my plantar fasciitis protocol:  stretching, heating my feet before bed, etc. and so on.  Also would spring for some extra calf massage whenever I'd get a pedicure. 

Imagine my surprise when after a few months of these shenanigans and that the pain didn't go away, I went to my podiatrist's office and the x-rays revealed some pretty nasty heel spurs (my doc rated them an 8 out of 10, 10 being the worst).  We tried doing a cortisone shot in my foot and some PT, but it didn't work and I was in a lot of pain.

We decided to pull the trigger on surgery (a laparoscopic plantar fasiotomy (they cut through part of the ligament to release the tension and then it scars over) and a heel spur reduction (they drill that pointy looking thing down)) when I started to notice that I was walking weird and it was affecting my back.

I had 10 days off my foot, in a splint, and unable to wash my foot, using the iWalk2.0 (using my cane for balance b/c my other foot is still messed up):

And now I'm in a walking boot (and can wash, but not soak my foot!): 

My foot looks terrible (believe me, I have photos where it looks much worse, but this is the PG version), but it's getting better (with lots of massage to break up the bruise and ice). I get my stitches out tomorrow.  In a few weeks we start talking about the same surgery on the right foot.

I know that I sound like a broken record -- but chronic pain, injuries, illness are a BITCH.  If you know someone that suffers from chronic pain or illness, throw a little support their way. It may make a huge difference in their recovery or their life. 


Sending heal thing thoughts to you for fast healing, and being back on both feet soon!


I was in a boot for months (2012).

I got an even-up to put on my other shoe so my hips stayed level and I did not screw up my knees, hips, back, neck. My Ortho guy required it so we did not mess up three other things while fixing one.

And I live in supportive shoes always. My sandals are supportive also. Ditto on boots. (The only place I wear flip flops is in the shower at something like a pool or campground.)

I have broken my left foot twice. Once at age 18 and once at age 51. Terrible both times. Also back and knee issues at various stages. I am super careful these days. Active but high level of preventive care.


So, I have huge sympathy for what you are going thru. It is tough.


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