Taking the Win

Say hello to my new friend.

It's so hard to say goodbye to My Cruel Mistress, but that's what life is about sometimes -- having to move on and leave the past behind so you can open yourself to the opportunities of the future.  In the end, she wasn't a cruel mistress, but a dependable friend and a constant in my workout routine. I missed her both before and after my surgery.

After many years, my office has upgraded the gym facilities.  Today was the soft opening.  I got there a little before 6 am to see the new digs.  The space and the new machines are really nice:  4 new treadmills, 2 new ellipticals, 1 lateral elliptical crosstrainer (which might be my hip flexors' new nemesis), new smith machine, new cable machine, various weight machines, new free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands AND a group class room.  We also have new locker rooms, but unfortunately, we can't rent/use lockers overnight.

But there were two HUGE new changes:  we have an in-house NASM-certified trainer (**waves** hi Kat!) AND we'll have access to Workouts On Demand in the group class room.

Anyways.... I woke up this morning with a singular goal:

It's been 5 months (as of tomorrow) since my surgery and I have been cleared to use an elliptical.  My goal this morning was to do 3.1 miles, or 5k, and to do the other 3.1m/5k in a second visit.  And that way I'll have earned my virtual "Beat The Blerch"  2016 medal.

Just as I'm about to cross 3.1 miles, I somehow manage to unplug the machine (the power adapter under the pedals, not at the wall).  So there's no pic, but it did happen.  Scout's honor.

But the title of the blog post is "Take the Win" -- what do I mean by it?  Well in the 5 months since my surgery, I've only gained 4 pounds. And in my mind, that's statistically inconsequential (it can be a normal swing from week to week and/or after my period).  


I'd say 4 pounds is inconsequential, too. CONGRATS, and Keep it up! I just WISH I had access to the Octane lateral elliptical. I tried one once at a trade show and loved it. Haven't seen one since!


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