I haven't done a bullet-pointed/random thought post in a long time so here goes: 

  • Attended my second Weight Watchers @ Work weigh in.  I'm -1.8lbs.  Why?  A few things: (1) Being sick makes my appetite wonky
    (2) I'm back to food logging and measuring all of my food. That always works for me.
    (3) No Panera/Cosi  and their sodium bomb lunches
    (4) Could just be a normal fluctuation of weight

    I'm glad I asked #WWChat about fruits/veggies being zero points.  I don't eat a lot of meat or processed stuff.  I would always be under my target if I didn't allocate fruits/veggies (especially the ones high on the glycemic index) some value.

    I'm interested in seeing what a meeting looks like outside of work. Luckily for me there's a WW center right down the street!
  • I had a thought the other day about dating: I'm statistically pretty average (except for height, I'm in the 95th percentile at 5'9").  Am I too skinny for the guys who dig larger girls and am I too large for guys who dig skinny girls?  Point to ponder.
  • I also had a thought that I put on my FGvW Facebook -- Are women culturally trained to be peckish/undereaters or to believe that they have to "earn" their food/nutrition? Are we culturally trained to understate any and all of our appetites, lest we appear anything but virginal, saintly, restrained, or proper? 
  • Went to my discogram consultation on Monday morning.
    1.   It's not one of those things where someone shows up at your door playing the Bee Gees and dancing.
    2.   It's not a test to see how well you can do the hustle (darn! those lessons in college still go unused). 
    3.   It *is* (as I already knew) a test where they inject contrast dye into 4 of my lumbar discs to determine how degenerated they are. (Imagine a jelly doughnut. Mine is one that's been left on the counter for a week. They're trying to determine where the jelly is).
    4.   This is *not* going to be fun as I have a weeee little problem with needles and fainting (vasovagal response).
    5.   After all the discs have been injected with dye and he studies where the it seeps, I am getting a CT scan to get more detailed information that they can then turn over to my surgeon and we can make some decisions.
    6.   Papa bear is going to help me the day of my discogram (2/9/14).
    7.   The anesthesiologist/pain specialist who is going to do the discogram seemed either tired, hungover, or super mellow. I'm not sure which. But he seemed interested in re-visiting more epidural steroids (nope, I felt lousy after them and they didn't provide long-term relief). He also wondered why I wasn't taking pain meds (opiates -- hydrocodone or oxycodone) on a more regular basis.  I opt for ice because I don't like walking around in a fog, nor do I want to develop a tolerance for the drugs. After 17 years of back issues, I'm just tired of the stopgap remedies. All of these things make it a little easier to live my ordinary life when I want a spectacular one.
    8.   In related news, I'm getting a new MRI for my lower back on 2/6/14. 
  • I said on Twitter today "You know what would be awesome?  If I could run the #Fitbloggin 5k with a healthy back.  That's something to look forward to."  Oh, by the way, I'm co-leading a discussion group with Janet Oberholtzer (OMG, isn't she amazing?) at FitBloggin 2015 called "Living With Pain:  A Survival Guide." 
  • The Flu -- Okay, we know it's 23% effective this year and that it's widespread.  And yet, so many of my coworkers are coming in sick.  If I had to get a doctor's note to clear me to return after my shingles (that were on my hip, thus not a threat to anyone unless they decided to lick my hip), why aren't people being sent home if they have the flu or flu-like symptoms and then required to have a doctor's note?  I really hate double standards that don't use good science.
    Oh, and on that note, please wash your hands.

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