#Fitbloggin After Dark: Lessons from a Drag Queen

Her Majesty, Queen RuPaul's tagline is "if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love anybody else?"

And well, show me one fitness blogger who hasn't struggled with loving his or herself? It is the central question we all try to answer in our own little way. 

A large group of us went to Club One here in Savannah to see a drag show last night. I left wanting to bring them back to the conference. 

We see all the glitz and glamour of these girls while they are putting on their shows. What we don't see is how much courage it takes to step out the first time in drag. It is a leap of faith in 4" heels. 

But, as in all things, there are lessons to be learned here:  

• when each of us chooses to be something that doesn't come easily/naturally/genetically we affirm that the risk is worth both the reward and even the potential failure;

• when we take the leap of faith, we learn just how strong we are willing to be....even if it is all bravado;

• bravado transforms into confidence, with practice;

• remember to blend your makeup;

• commit to what you want to be and practice portraying that person until it becomes your actual identity.

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