Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget that I'm not good at everything. 

I went for a run Friday night and ran the first 2 miles in 21:56 (average of 10:57/mile), took a break to stretch my knee, and ran the last 2 miles in 20:42 (average of 10:21/mile).  On the elliptical, my PR is 8:23/mile and my average is 8:40/mile.

Sometimes I forget that there's a learning curve to trying new things.

I know that running outside and running inside on a treadmill is different.  I know that running outside and running inside on an elliptical is apples and oranges.  But all the same, I'd really like to wake up one day and run outside and be awesome at it.  I'd look graceful and feel strong.  I'd bounce in all the right ways. Somewhere, deep down, I know that to take time off your run requires patience, practice, and perseverance.

 Sometimes I forget that the process is just as important as the progress

So once again, I take this occasion to remind myself (in my blog, and as a person) that STRUGGLE isn't FAILUREIt's all about how we respond to the challenge.  And I'm going to keep at this.


Great post, I wrote something similar as I'm coming off an injury and just starting back up skating


Running on an elliptical is SO different than treadmill or outdoors! I remember reading your posts about how many miles and how quickly you were going on the elliptical and feeling so jealous that I could not get those distances/times on my runs. It's totally different- don't hold yourself to an impossible standard.


Rissa: Well done on getting back into skating. When I started running post-surgery, I had to remember that I wasn't a car that would be 100% after new parts. I had to ease into it.

Xani: You're right regarding impossible standards -- but I think that there's impossible (like me running a 6 minute mile) and possible (like me running a consistent sub-10 mile). I just need to remember that it takes time to get there. There are seasoned marathon runners that struggle just as much to take seconds off their time as well.


Yes, running on an elliptical is way different than running outside, but it's still aerobic exercise and you work the same muscles. It has helped keep me in shape, especially on days that I don't have time to run outside or the weather is gross. (I'm a wimp when it comes to running in the rain or cold!)

Two months ago, I joined a running group (DC Capital Striders) to start running more, and guess what? I run a lot faster with the group (8:30-9 min/mile) as opposed to running on the elliptical (~11 min./mile) or running with my dog (~9:30-10/mile). Plus, it's inspired me to start running and exercising more often.

Everyone at the group is always talking about their upcoming races (and injuries, but that's another topic), and I'd like to be able to run as far/ fast as some of them in the future. I probably won't be doing a marathon anytime soon, but my goal is to try to run a few 5Ks and maybe (big maybe) a mini-marathon in the spring.

If you ever want to do a short running event or need an outdoor or indoor running buddy, let me know!


Elise -- I'm a wimp when it comes to running in the heat. I haven't tried running in the rain. I would probably have the Rocky theme in my head the whole time.

I think having a running group, or a running coach will be beneficial, but I think I need to be comfortable with the distance and know that I can stop if I need to. I know that I'll get there, and I want to. I want to be part of a pack..

Thank you for always being supportive <3


Struggle is NOT failure! Love this!!!! I need this reminder once in awhile...


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