Healthy to the Core

Thanks to all who entered my BodyMedia prize package give away!  My apologies for not declaring the winner sooner.

First of all -- the data.... Of the 140 (!!) people that responded.....

So it seems to say that many of the people who responded to the survey don't have a 100% accurate picture of how many calories they burn, and that's what they'd most like to know.

Well, that's the BodyMedia's forte.  It has consistently topped techie lists of most accurate devices.  This is because the device is in contact with your body.  It measures the heat coming from your body (calories are a measurement of heat).  It just so happens that it gathers a whole bunch of other useful information that you can use to help transform your body.

Also cool?  It plays nice with third-party applications like MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper.  Pretty cool, right?

My condolences to those who didn't win, but the silver lining is that they have a 25% off sale going on right now through their Web site.  And that includes three free months of their Web dashboard service.

Which brings me to the winner.... Congrats!


Congrats to the winner. I hope you have success with it. :)


I appreciate your work and hopping for some more informative posts .


Nice work you r doing girl...Keep it up. I will join you after submitting my essay.


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